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Friday, February 24, 2017

Bows, bows everywhere

I LOVE Kirklands! It is probably one of my favorite stores to walk through ALONE!😆 More often then not I just walk around with a coffee admiring all the pretty things and going crazy over the prices. But, once in a blue moon I find some fun things for super cheap in their clearance corners.

After Christmas I did just that, and racked up on fun finds using a bit of Christmas money.

This Christmas card holder was only$4. It was missing the bow, but I didn't mind since I wouldn't be using it for a card holder at all, and the bow would have probably been the first thing to go anyhow.
If you don't have the Kirkland's spin in to win it app, go download it now!! You can spin the wheel and get a coupon any day you shop! I ended up with a 25% off coupon for my entire purchase.

My handy sander took the wording off quite easily. I then gave it a bit of a coral wash and added small nails to the top and bottom in order to hang all the darling headbands.
The chunky little clothespins worked perfect to clip the remaining headbands or bows to the wire.

It is housed right inside the closet next to our little munchkin's clothes. I guess hitting the jackpot on amazon months ago grew my bow fettish a bit large. 😏 However, I paid far less than if I had attempted to purchase bows in stores where they run on average $2.50 each. These Headbands were a little over a $1 each. And, I was excited to share some with friends having little girls. These
Chiffon style Headbands were $4.56 for 10 and I love the color options!

And, lest you think these are the only bows in the house, they aren't! 😉

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Stool Makeover

You can read about the beginning story of these 4 bar stools here. They looked like this after I first got ahold of them...
I just painted the base chocolate brown and the tops white. Then I stenciled on each seat. I enjoyed them for the time, but they were beginning to get worn out. Lots of paint had chipped off the spindles due to the everyday wear and tear.

Our handy dandy sander went to work as I took all the paint off the seats to prepare for a good stain. I sanded the base of each pretty well too for our next coat of paint.
Each of the seats got a coat of dark walnut stain and a nice layer of poly to help seal the deal.

I used a white chalk paint to paint the base then distressed it with some sand paper.

No more chipped brown paint or nasty scuffed up seats. Well, for now, that is!