Monday, July 2, 2018

Salt & Light

Our son has officially entered the youth group, gotten his first job, and has an increasing bank account. And, this momma is excited! Teenagers are one of my heartbeats, and I'm praying that as they are my own that this heartbeat only increases. As we seek to raise, teach, and impact them to love Jesus in a mighty big way, I pray they increase in knowledge and develop hearts that are fully yielded to Jesus. Our world works hard at distracting the next generation as satan's grasp appears prominent in every way. My prayer for my son and all my daughters is that they see Jesus in me within the walls of our own home. Let's be honest, I fail daily...multiple times. I apologize, seek forgiveness, and tackle the whole parenting all over again. I am thankful that they are sweet to their momma, love me unconditionally, and stick with me as we venture through this path of life together.Andrew asked if we could rearrange his room last week. We did it together and had fun making it how he wanted it.

The walls are actually a darker brown, but the lighting is weird in here for some reason. Our little library cupboard is in the corner with his chair. Most of the time he just reads in his bed, but it's the thought that counts, right? This "little" man is my avid reader. Yesterday he had already finished 3 books and it was only 1:30. I am thankful for his desire to learn and I pray that this quality only increases in his desire to love the Lord and study deeper into His Word too.

We had fun finishing some signs for his "love for the world" theme too.
Be These... Salt & Light
I pray that I am a good example to all of our children about being a salt and light to this sin cursed world. People need Jesus, they need to see Him in each of us. What better way than to be reminded of this every morning your head lifts up from the pillow and each night when it lays back down? I pray he has this heartbeat and is used in mighty big ways.

A big chalkboard sits on his desk and the wooden cubby houses the xbox, and many lego creations. I'm thankful for my little man and excited to see what big things God has in store for his life. 

Praying you each have a wonderful week as you tackle the tasks in front of you and walk the paths He has specifically chosen for you this week.