Friday, February 15, 2019

Industrial Touch

When I did our bedroom makeover, I was determined to find some kind of industrial looking lights for our nightstands. I felt like I looked everywhere for months at a time only to come up with the truth that industrial lighting is priced in ridiculous ways. They were all too expensive for my frugal taste. I did look into creating my own with some pieces that Michaels sells, but still the end result would have been way to steep in price. Well, Christmas came and my hunt was over, because my darling husband found me these...
This is what we had before...
Perhaps they aren't the perfect industrial lights, but I LOVE them. They fit the space perfectly, are the best height, and I just love the character of the wood and the metal look.
So many thrifting stories are present in this little room! I love the thrill of hunting for perfect pieces in order to create something beautiful to me.
And, these little beauties are extra special coming as a gift from my man. Happy shopping and hunting this week, friends.