Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall cleaning

Perhaps I am a bit weird, but I get into major purging and cleaning moods, and it usually results in room rearrangements. Honestly, my son takes after me and begs me often to "clean" his room so he can have a new look in his room.

Living in Georgia there are crazy seasons... like stink bug season, and miniature black beetle season. So much so that I had to move all my living room furniture into the center of the room to vacuum the black line along the entire room caused by those nasty little beetles. But, upon moving it all, my brain went into overdrive and my sweet Chloe Belle piped in...,"Mom, we so should change this room around!" 
So, that's just what we did! We vacuumed the room thoroughly ridding our room of those pesty bugs, scrubbed the base boards and walls, and then set to work moving furniture into different places.

I cannot believe how much bigger and brighter this room appears now! It's crazy what some minor changes can do for a room. And, I didn't even spend a penny! 😉 Just a bit of time and sweat.

Have a happy weekend, friends.