Friday, October 19, 2007

Feels Like Fall--finally!

I am currently typing this with a loud commotion of 14 teen boys running around outside in the dark. We had a hot dog roast with our youth group and then brought all the guys home for a massive sleepover. I am pretty sure Brian is enjoying himself immensely. On the other hand, I am doing as well as can be expected with the smell of not just one sweaty man but 15! Yuck! It's been tons of fun though. We played capture the flag with everyone at another couple's house. Yippee--I found the flag and won the game for our team. Can you believe it--me, fat and pregnant and I still outran some pretty athletic stick figures! ha ha. I definitely got my exercise for the night. Andrew just fell asleep. He was so excited when all the guys started to wrestle on our living room floor. He started jumping up and down laughing. Anyhow, thought I'd let you know how the Swaffer's home has been invaded with teen guys. I am cooking them a huge breakfast in the morning, so it should keep me pretty busy. Then, we are going to head over to the church to do a bit of painting in the youth room. Gotta run!