Monday, October 29, 2007

Fun in the South!

Weather around here is certainly chilly, but I absolutely love it! Andrew is getting to play outside even more, and he loves wearing his favorite Green Bay Packer hat. Well, another doctor's visit for me today. It's been a rough couple days. No offense, but I am ready for this little princess to show herself into this world. I am so tired of puking, gaining weight, puking, and gaining more weight. That's okay though, I know in the end it will all be worth it. I have another ultrasound next Monday and cannot wait. Last time their recorder didn't work, so we weren't able to get any video. She is kicking bunches and bunches and her favorite time to be awake is (yup, you guessed it), when I am trying to sleep. That ritual will certainly change when she is on the outside!
We all just finished doing some yard work which was much overdue. The leaves are dropping very rapidly, and I am afraid raking is going to be another hobby this fall!
Andrew is our constant source of entertainment these days. He is in this incredible clumsy stage right now, and it tends to make us giggle. Just last week he ran into Brian's desk, cut his eye which led to a mighty black eye, scraped his nose on the chair, fell down the front porch cutting a portion of his nose off, and flipping off the church platform leaving a nasty mark above his nose. The poor little guy didn't have much of his pug nose left! He is still cuter than a button. The nursery workers came up to me after morning service yesterday asking if we had a jungle gym at home for him. I said no and then asked why. They both giggled and told me that he had decided to hang from the bars of the changing table and swing like a monkey. Shortly after he climbed the high chairs and a few other things. Well, that's our little man for you. Nothing else is new around here--just the same old stuff. Til' next time.