Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our little Critters!

Okay, first off! I guess I have still not accustomed myself to the ways of the South quite yet. Guess I grew up thinking that cockroaches only invaded nasty, dirty, disgusting places. Ha, I was the one who got the last laugh. Lo and behold, our home has been invaded by the nasty things. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck is about all I can say. I never considered my home a place in which something so awful would occur. However, the terminator came and did something right, cuz now I am not chasing fast little critters--now they act as if they have no direction in life and move about 1 mph. He kindly explained to me that in this situation it had nothing to do with lack of cleanliness in the home (sigh of relief). He said we probably just brought it in by a cardboard box of sort. Anyways, enough of our critter trouble. On to something a bit more entertaining: "Potty training"
I guess we haven't really official started this full force, just a little at a time until he is really ready. Well, I put him on the toilet right after supper as usual just for consistency sake. He didn't do anything other than point at me, laugh, and talk up a storm. So, I threw him in the tub and ran to check on something in his room. I heard a bit of commotion, but didn't really think anything of it. He seemed to be singing to his rubber frogs and was splashing in the tub. Until....I heard the toilet flush (remember this was about a minute after leaving the room). I quickly ran (well, as quickly as a large pregnant lady can) to the bathroom just in time to see him slip off the toilet, slam the lid, and dive into the tub. When I say dive--that's literally. This kid is like a fish in the water. Anyhow, checked the situation out, and there in the corner right next to the tub was his little pile. Oh, what a treat. I guess his intentions were right and he tried to get to the toilet in time. Maybe he's learning! Oh, yes, don't you wish you were in the Swaffer home? Well, nothing else has happened of late that would fascinate any of you. Just the same old stuff--organizing, cleaning, Andrew watching, and being sick. Yup, this little girl is making me lose food again. I don't know what she wants! Well, I have to get some studying done for Sunday School this week. Til' next time!