Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Fall!

Well, things have been very eventful around the Swaffer household. Thankfully the weather has been most amazing and we have played outside quite a bit. Andrew absolutely loves his swing set and shows us all his new tricks. Yes, sometimes I watch with my hands in front of my eyes just hoping that nothing tragic happens. He is definitely into the "terrible two" stage. It's like a constant state of motion and talking and everything that comes with that. Yet, we love him to pieces and have had tons of fun with him each and every day. He helped mommy do some baking today and yesterday, and really was a big help. He loves to use the measuring spoons, so that is always entertaining. Thought everyone would want to know for kicks---for the first time in my life I was in a car that ran out of gas. Yup, and not just on some piddly little country road, but on a busy interstate. I will not say that I personally ran out of gas, but let's just say I did a bit of walking at 8:30 in the evening with semis soaring passed me. Tons of fun! Long story there, but won't expound!
It was a bit chilly this morning, but it warmed up quite a bit in the afternoon. I was planning on catching a nap (considering this munchkin in me is not sleeping at night) while Andrew was taking his nap. I decided to study for Sunday school for an hour before heading to the pillow. Usually Andrew sleeps a few hours, but lo and behold he decided that as soon as I headed for a nap he would wake up with all the terror in the world. He ran in my room and jumped up on the bedding saying hi and throwing his dog at me. I could only smile. Then, I thought, hmmm maybe I will try to get him to sleep with me--ha ha, fat chance! The ice cream trunk came bounding down the street with music blaring, calling all the kids of the neighborhood. Okay, if you were a two year old what would you do? Now, I know some of you adults would have been out the door in seconds, but we'll leave that one alone. Andrew's eyes just got bigger and bigger, and as blue and cute as they are I just had to show him. So, we grabbed a bit of change I had found and ran outside. Several kids in the neighborhood were all running to the truck, and yup, so was my little man. He had no clue what it was all about, but had to follow suite. He chose the tweety bird ice cream pop and had a fantastic and sticky time eating it. The joys of motherhood--they are many. Too much to do, so have to get back to work. Til' next time...

~Letter from Andrew~
hi guys. im goode. I miss u tons. I am tird and neede to go to bed. i lik my icecream todae. i am bein a big bruther soon. luv you. bye