Sunday, December 16, 2007

Enjoy the pictures!

Look, Mom, it's Elmo! Do I have to blow it out?
I'd rather just stare at it forever! Andrew seemed a bit
hypnotized by the whole candle thing, but we all enjoyed every second
of it!

You have to have the perfect hat pictures.
Andrew loves to play with the Santa hat and
took the opportunity to perform for his guests.

Yup, then there are those not so perfect shots...
Gross little boy!

Who? Me? Never! However, mommy thinks
I'm as cute as can be!

You just have to love him...tons and tons!
We are blessed to have such a sweet little man. It is hard to believe
that it has been 2 years already--time really has flown past.
Today was his first day in the 2-3 year old class. He absolutely loved it,
and really has the best teacher ever. I think it was more fun for
mommy and daddy to see him go in there than he really understood.
Til' next time. Sorry again for the picture goof on the last post--computer glitch.