Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I have failed to keep everyone posted on the busy life of our family,
but I am sure that these pictures will fix everything!

Posing as usual...

Thanks to Auntie Kate, Andrew wears his
Elmo slippers everywhere--literally! They are quite the novelty around here.

Our Green Bay Packers Fan! Our Grandpas will be proud!

We took Andrew to the train museum for his birthday today,
and we all had a great time. There were
lots of buttons to push and noises to make--that was his favorite!

Look, Daddy, there's smoke coming out of it!

I'm gonna get that truck full of logs!
(they had a little button that would put logs in the truck
which would then spit them back out into a train car.)

Happy Birthday to our Big 2-year old!

Big smiles!

Andrew had his candle lit 4 times, because he loved
blowing it out--lots of fun, plus lots of laughs.

Aunt Laura, Uncle Todd, and his cousins sent him a ducky umbrella. He loves to say yellow and he was actually able to use it on the way to the train museum---yup, it has finally rained here after months.

He loves to give his cheesy smile!

Mommy just had to make him an Elmo birthday cake.
He thought it was the best, and I would have to say so myself!
It was lots of fun and really wasn't that difficult considering all the fur.

Well, I hope this gives you a bit of a taste of Andrew's birthday fun. He is having a few friends over and an aunt tonight for another celebration. I am sure we'll get fun pictures up from that soon. He did get his 2-year old pictures done at Sears a few weeks ago. I have to pick them up on Monday. He did such a great job. He walked in the studio with his dog (Aunt Carrie gave him) as if he owned the place. He then proceeded in picking up all the toys they had scattered around and pushed in all the chairs. Yes, he is my perfectionist and clean little boy. By the time they were ready with his backgrounds and such he walked in their looked at the camera and smiled like crazy. The photographer did nothing but snap photos. She said she wished every child did so well. He sat down, laid down, and just giggled up a storm. I was very pleased with his cooperation. Anyhow, hope they turned out as well as they looked on the computer.

The weather here has been in the high 70's pushing 80 at times. My front trees already have buds on them--this is not supposed to be happening. We are supposed to get the 6 inches of snow that Wisconsin and Ohio are getting. We wish we could be sledding down hills right now or even skiing, but instead we are raking leaves in our flip flops and t-shirts. Oh, how I long for a nice snow ball fight and then run inside to a warm fire and a big cup of hot chocolate, BUT I must settle for sweating and a tall glass of ice water after walking down to get the mail--simply pathetic. Nope, I am not complaining--but I can wish, can't I? No new news on the baby yet. I was put in the hospital yesterday for monitoring considering I had not felt this little wiggle worm for a few days. It got us a bit worried, so we opted to be safe and not sorry. She is fine just getting a little cramped--wonder if she knows how I feel. Anyhow, today is the 34-week mark, so we have arrived at our goal. Now, I am contemplating which wild activity to endeavor upon to get her to come NOW! Anyways, thanks to you who have prayed for us to get to this point. Enough for now, I will update again soon. Til' next time.