Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The BIG news!

Okay, so I have been asked by an enormous number of people about all the details leading up to labor etc, so I figured this was the easiest way to let it out. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday morning and was greatly disappointed at not much of a change since the previous week. However, my doctor informed me that if I had any contractions at all at 5 minute intervals just to go to the hospital and they would get things progressing. Somewhat disappointed we began to leave the office when he stopped me and asked if I wanted to just pick a deadline. I was excited and said yes without a hesitation. He checked his calendar to see when he was on duty at the hospital and chose Thursday, January 31st as my date of induction--little did I know that I would certainly not need that appointment. Friday was a relaxing day and I attempted not to catch Brian's little flu bug he had been fighting the days prior. Saturday morning rolled along and I decided to let myself "sleep in" (whatever that means) until my little man came running in the room and used his chubby little fingers to pry my eyes open saying, "Momma, all done" over and over. He definitely got my attention and made me laugh as I dragged myself out of bed. The morning brought its usual--laundry, cleaning, etc. Brian had to run and pick up his check so we thought it would be nice to get out and about for a little bit. I wasn't feeling the best, but thought it was probably just a bit of the flu symptoms. We ran to Walmart and Aldi for a few groceries and then headed back home. After catching a quick cat nap with Andrew I decided to make a nice Italian meal for supper--spaghetti and steamed veggies. I couldn't stop there when I realized I hadn't made my husband homemade cookies for over a week. So, out came the recipe box and I began the fun process of chocolate chip cookies. I ended up with Reece Pieces cookies with chopped walnuts due to the lack of regular chocolate chips. I wasn't really planning on making a ton, but I ended up with over 10 1/2 dozen! So, the afternoon was definitely not boring and my freezer was now full of cookies. After a nice supper, baths, and fun with Andrew and his whoo whoo (in our language--train set) we headed off to bed. Well, I never fell asleep and started having contractions at 1:30 in the morning. They weren't bad at all, but they were every 5 minutes. After 1 1/2 hours of that I woke Bri up and sat at the edge of the bed contemplating whether to go in or not. I knew my doc said to go in no matter what, but I guess I was second guessing. The Lord has given me a much higher tolerance for pain than most people, so I didn't want to get to the hospital and they just send me home. Well, after much debate I figured it would just be smart to go in (plus I hadn't mentioned before) but, my doc said that if I ended up in the hospital on Sunday he was there and would just break my water to get things done. So, 10 minutes later we were off to drop our little man off at a church family's home. The poor kid just stared at us like we were nuts getting him out of bed so abruptly and putting a huge coat on him and more. We arrived at the hospital at 3:30 and sat on a bed in triage for the first 2 1/2 hours awaiting word of the next plan of action. The contractions never stopped but never really got bad until around 8:30 or so--still they weren't that bad so I really thought I was going to be there forever. My doc showed up at 9 and asked if I just wanted to progress by myself or if I wanted him to break my water. Alright, if you had the option of tons of pain for a little while or tons of pain for a long while I think you would have chosen the option I chose--please just break my water. By 10 o'clock the painful ones hit and I soaked in a jacuzzi until 10:15 and at 10:31 our little Chloe Elise graced us with her presence. She was breach, but my doc was able to turn her. She ended up with a very bruised face and looked very black. That has all gone away and she has a beautiful complexion. I am so thankful for a quick delivery and a wonderful supportive hubby. Anyhow, hope that is enough info for those of you who like the details. I am so glad to be home finally. I know it's only been two days, but it seems like a week when you are sitting in a hospital room--boring. I missed my football buddies from when I had Andrew. If you want to hear that story it will have to be another time! Time for bed--til' next time.