Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Need pictures?

Andrew has tremendously enjoyed playing with his fisher price vintage people schoolhouse. Actually our preschool director at church was getting rid of the school house and park at our last church workday--so I grabbed it knowing how much Andrew loved playing with it. Thanks to Aunt Laura and Uncle Todd he got a van full of people for his birthday.

He is quite the little pretender, and we love to watch him "interact" with the fake people. Who would imagine this group of toys would entertain him for hours? We love it!

Then, there is Mr. Potato Head...however; most of the time Andrew likes to be the Potato by putting everything on him. He still has yet to figure out how to attach the mustache, but I'm sure he'll figure that one out soon enough. He gets pretty frustrated when the ears don't stay in, but I think we have got him understanding that he already has his own 2 ears and doesn't need to try to attach anymore.

We were finally able to find him a mattress and boxspring for his big boy bed. I never saw this child so excited in all my life. He was jumping up and down as Brian and I figured it all out. He was so excited when we were done that he just jumped up on the bed and put his head on the pillow. I believe, even to this day it remains a luxury for him...I'm sure that won't last for long at this age.

Our "little" man is becoming a big brother very shortly and we are looking forward to seeing how he handles a sibling in the house. I am sure that we will have tons of fun getting adjusted. Potty training is next on the list! He is doing very well right now, but we've only started at certain times in the day--I am not that brave yet+ I think he is still a bit young.
Anyhow, til' next time!