Friday, January 18, 2008

Wishing sometimes pays off!

Well, I have wished for snow for so long and everyone has teased me of the impossibility of it! Ha, we got about an inch yesterday for which we were so thrilled. Andrew loved to play in it. He thought it was the funniest thing to throw at people. It is funny how people down here seem to react to the weather change. I never thought an inch of snow and completely clear roads would cause so many to stay home, schools to be closed and milk, egg, and bread shelves to be emptied at the stores. I still laugh at how everyone scurries with worries, but I am sure when I am a Southerner for years it will be about the same---um, nope, not me! I shall always be a Northerner at heart and will not be caught buying 6 gallons of milk at the first news of SNOW! Well, there wasn't enough really to go sledding, but then again, I didn't try! I just figured that my hubby didn't want to deliver a baby on a snowy day otherwise I may have done it. Nope, no baby news yet, and believe you me everyone will know when it happens. It is getting pretty old now when people ask, "When are you going to have that baby?" or "You're still here?" Okay, you would think they realized I don't have much control over the situations. Yup, I am doing sit ups, stretches, jumping jacks, "carwheels" you name it. My mom did 3 cart wheels and had me shortly thereafter, so I thought I would follow tradition. So far nothing has worked. Now I am determined to get to Tuesday of next week. I am in charge of a ladies banquet thing at church on Monday night and would hate to miss it. So, now everyone can just pray for a Tuesday delivery or Monday night late. Well, til' next time.