Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chloe is doing great and only waking up once during the night. That makes mommy very happy! She is such a good baby and always so content and happy. She went to church on Sunday and again last night and is the talk of the town. I guess I am prejudice, but I would rate her the cutest thing ever. Andrew continues to be a very big helper and loves to make sure LoLo is okay. He gets very upset if she does not go someplace with him. I'd say he would rate as a very protective big brother--maybe that will never change.

Aunt Jennie came over the other night and took advantage of a comfy little girl. They look so cute when they are sleeping! We are always happy for family being close by. Aunt Lana and Uncle Darren came too, and we had lots of fun.

Chloe's big blue eyes make us smile continually and Andrew's eyes seem to get bigger every day. Both of them are the biggest blessings we could ever ask for, and I am loving every minute of motherhood. We are so thankful that they are both healthy and growing so well. Andrew seems to have put on about 20 pounds and grown about 6 inches over the last few weeks. I guess that is affected by the smallness of Chloe. Nothing else is really new--keeping busy and having loads of fun.