Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So much has taken place since the last update--so, here goes....

We had a marvelous time with my mom last week however; they still have not sent me the pictures we took--hopefully soon.

We had our team over this past weekend and had a wonderful time of fellowship. We worked on verses and other such necessities and then just had a fun time relaxing. I "hid" about 200 filled Easter eggs all over the yard. Yes, I know Easter is still a month away, but it has become a tradition to do it with our teens and this was the only available time before Easter. Andrew had tons of fun "fighting" for the eggs. He then enjoyed doing push ups and whatever other workout routines the guys wanted to do. They used Andrew as their weight some of the times. It has been a wonderful experience working with the teens here at Emmanuel and we love all of them. Andrew's best friends are the teens, and it is fun to watch them all be together! Not to mention the entertainment they all bring! (o;

Andrew and Daddy were playing the other night and Andrew slipped and ran right into Brian's head. Both of them had nice goose eggs and Brian saw stars. It was quite comical, but I know it hurt. Andrew was thrilled when he got to hold an ice pack on his head for a long time. He also enjoyed sharing every now and then to help alleviate Daddy's pain.

Chloe continues to be our pretty princess and is already developing great friendships with everyone. Everywhere we go she is the center of attention and the cutest ever. She is already developing such a personality. I am afraid she gets her stubbornness from her mommy. She hates not being up looking around. She is so happy when we just prop her next to something where she is completely sitting up. Forget the swing--cuz it is not upright enough for her. She is always so happy though, and we have really had tons of fun. Her cooing and noises are indeed hilarious, and she and her brother are keeping the house quite noisy. Chloe is also holding her head up for minutes at a time. You all must remember we had missed this whole stage with Andrew. He didn't get home til' he was a month and 2 days old--which was Chloe yesterday. We are so thankful for healthy children. Chloe is also sleeping through the night---yippee. Last night she slept 9 hours before waking up! This is the life!!!!

Andrew loves to relax as he watches his "choo choo" movie!

Chloe loves to do the same!

Here she is sitting up completely!

~Letter from Chloe and Andrew~

hewoo, everiwon! I am starting to realli talk.
mom and granma say I never stop. i likee to culer and playe with LoLo. she seys hi too. luv you all. bye