Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sorry it's been so long!

Our second chunky monkey!

Wow, things have been so busy around here, but we are certainly enjoying every second of it. We had an amazing time with my mom here the last five days. I hate that it went so fast, but it was great to see her again. I can blame her for not updating that often and for no new pictures. Dad and all the kids told her she had to take lots of pictures, so we ended up using her camera the last week. So, we will post those as soon as my family remembers to send them all to me (hint, hint, if you're reading this)! In all seriousness, I loved having my mom here. We enjoyed relaxing every day with an occasional Scrabble game. I actually beat her twice--I have never won at that game, so that is exciting in itself. We spent a few days shopping which was an absolute blast. Mom was not used to the stuff the South sells, and she was able to get a few really cute outfits for a great cheap price! Plus, she bought me several things too! (thanks, Dad) All in all, it was a wonderful visit and we hated seeing her go.
The drive to the airport last night was indeed eventful. We always go the back way which usually takes almost 20 minutes less. When we got to the intersection right before the airport there were about 30 cop cars, helicopters hovering, and tons more chaos. So, we were completely re-routed. Oh, did I mention we were running a bit late already, so my poor hubby was a bit worried. Traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see, and we really did not know where the detour was taking us. Go figure, there was road work going on too, so it was quite the journey. We finally made it to the terminal, helped mom get checked in, said our teary (I think I hid them pretty well) goodbyes and set off on our journey home. A 30 minute journey ended up an hour and a half. It was absolutely awful, but we praise the Lord for His protection. When we got home Brian immediately checked the news. I probably won't get this right, but someone was breaking into a car at the Gastonia mall and the cops came only to begin a chase that ended up at that intersection we were at only minutes after. The chase ended up in a 3 car pileup and 3 people arrested. It was very obvious then that God intervened in allowing our departure to be a few minutes late. Well enough of that...onto the kids, right--that seems to be what people come on hear to read about anyhow.
I love dressing little girls!

I absolutely adore dressing a little girl--it's sooo much different than dressing boys. Here's our pretty little princess posing in her church outfit. Chloe is sleeping 6-7 hours before waking up at night and I am so excited. I am actually getting almost double the sleep I was getting when I was pregant with her. She is so quiet unless she has a dirty diaper, for which I don't blame her. Her eyes are certainly blue just like Andrew's and Mommy's. Whenever she is crying and Andrew comes to give her kiss she immediately calms down, I think we have a case of a little sister adoring her big brother.

Andrew wanted to wave and say "Hi"
(while stuffing his face with bologna)

Andrew, on the other hand, talks your ear off--literally. I don't think he ever slows down in his vocabulary. It is sometimes funny trying to figure out what he is saying, and he gets so frustrated at us for not understanding his mumbo jumbo. He still has his fun personality and is really a big helper. He loves to help me clean, cook, bake, take care of Chloe and anything else he can find to do.

That pacifier covers her whole face almost!

Hope all is well for everyone elsewhere. We are headed into a very busy next several months, but are very excited. We have a group of teens spending this weekend with us, next week we have more family coming, the next week one of my younger sisters and her boyfriend may be visiting, Easter weekend my older sister and brother-in-law are coming and that is not even the half of it. We enjoy being busy, but it is always nice for those catches of fresh air. It has been very exciting to watch our Savior provide for every need and giving us the strength we need every day. Well, I should get busy with a few things before heading off to church. Til' next time--hopefully sooner than the last...