Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just a "few" things going on!

~Our beauty~

It is hard to believe that March is already quickly flying by. There is soooo much going on this month, I am hoping to breathe just a little in between the business. We had family last week and a few teens are staying all this week, my sister Emily is coming the first of next week and then we have our team over for the weekend (it's our last one til' the Fall), the following week I get to prepare all the food for Ladies banquet and the day of the banquet my older sister and brother-in-law are coming for a week and a half. That is just some of what March is looking like for us, but I am loving every minute of it.

~Andrew loves to say Yellow~
(it's funny everyone looks at pictures and says Andrew looks just like Brian, but in real life it is not so--it's really strange what pictures can do) Either way he is the cutest little boy out there! Sorry, Bette Anne, Eli is in second!!!

~Too cute to handle!~

Despite all the business, we are loving the opportunities to visit with family. It's as if they just rotate so someone is here at least part of one week out of the month. It has been a blast and I cannot wait for more of it. Sigma is winding down and we are looking forward to Awards Banquet April 23rd. Lots of preparations go into it, but that is always something I love.

~What are you looking at? I'm looking at my mommy!~

~Full of Smiles as usual~

~Most Adorable Look~

Chloe had her appointment yesterday after mommy completely had a brain freeze last Thursday and missed her 6 week checkup. I could not believe myself. Anyhow, we have found the greatest doctor only 3 minutes from our house. He is wonderful, and both Brian and I have really enjoyed him. Chloe currently weighs 10 lbs 11 oz and 22 inches long! She is becoming a whopper! The doctor was completely shocked at how much she smiles and is already sleeping through the night. Yup, you heard it--I get on average 8 hours of sleep now! It's amazing. Andrew on the other hand is teething once again, and the poor guy always gets the worst ear infections. So during Chloe's well check he was getting antibiotics for a double ear infection. He is our little cuddle bug when he is sick, so we get very little done. Imagine trying to make dinner with a 32 pounder hanging from your neck. It is quite humorous to say the least! He still remains mommy's little helper and gets into everything. Speaking in full sentences has been the highlight lately, and it is very fun.

~Smiles again~
(wow! I compared this picture with one of mine when I was little--it's scary)

~Had to use the present pjs just for a picture before putting them away~

Spring is here pretty much. My trees are blossoming and the weather is beautiful. We praise the Lord for His love for us and His constant provision! We are so blessed having 2 wonderful children, a tremendous church and church family, and a beautiful home (along with so many other things). There are too many blessings to even count. Til' next time...