Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wow of a weekend continued!

Okay, I know, there aren't many pictures, but what do you expect when I had to chase a 2 year old around a beautiful park (where he had to throw anything he could find into the water) and keep a 2 1/2 month old chipper?! Actually, my sister-in-law took a heap of pictures and is just going to make me copies of them all. That way I didn't have to fuss with trying to get snaps of everything. Lana was gorgeous and the wedding was beautiful! IT was very warm, and we felt so bad for Andrew who was all handsome in his suit and tie. As soon as the wedding was over and our pics done, I took his coat, tie and shirt off leaving him with his tank on. He started jumping up and down with excitement saying no more hot!!!! We had a great time afterwards at Ginger's house as well. Andrew finally got to actually run around and be wild!
Our trip down was indeed "uneventful." We pulled into a gas station where gas was the cheapest and then decided we were all starved and thought it smart to grab a $1 burger from Mc D's. The stoplight to the right was red and traffic was horrific. There was a large bus to our left who stopped and motioned for us to go (we were turning left and our blinker was on). Needless to say, the light turned green and a 2008 I can't remember came flying by. Our car completely trashed the entire side of his There was a nice red stripe signifying our car remains on his. I was so thankful it was not a second later otherwise we would have been T-boned, and he hadn't slowed down a lick for the stop light. Our car doesn't look too bad in the picture. It looks worse in person, and we are currently looking for parts or a replacement (mini van) :o) It still runs and no one was hurt so that is definitely a praise. I was a bit astounded at the guys reaction when he turned around and came back. He acted as if it was no big deal. Then, I found out with a chuckle that he was driving a dealership vehicle--just taking it back to his "boss man." No wonder! It took the police forever and a day to get there, but when they showed up we had a great one and he was very polite. Brian did get cited, but for the minimal fine which is still hard to come by, but definitely better than the worst case scenario. The whole time I just kept thinking of all the things that could have happened. What a joy to know that the Lord keeps His children safe. After an hour + of sitting in the very hot sun we started back on our way. We both did not feel like stopping anywhere to eat after that adventure and finished our trip toward Greenville. Anywho, it definitely was a trip and a half, but we are home safe and thanking the Lord for that in itself.

Today has been interesting too. Chloe is proving to be the world's biggest crab right now and Andrew is my clutz! He decided he was going to use our "coffee table" to lift himself up. The entire table came crashing down right on his face. He now has a bruise across his forehead, a beat up red and purple nose, scratches coming and going all over his face and a gashed lower lip. It was quite the traumatic experience, but after 45 minutes of "mommy time" and a few gummy bears (thanks to Aunt Kate and Uncle Paul filling our candy jars) he seems to be back to his happy go-lucky self. Here's a few pics of his minor facial accident. He wanted me to take pics of every eye, etc. It was funny. He said he had to show all his granmas and granpas (I left out the d's on purpose, cuz that's how he says them). Til' next time...