Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sweet Memories...

We just finished a fabulous week with my parents and three youngest sisters. Oh, how I wish they would just move down here. I hate saying the awful goodbyes, wiping tears (after they've gone), cleaning up, and just a very empty house. Wish I could say quiet, but I have Andrew to make up for that! :0)
We had a fun time doing all kinds of things. Thanks to Dad's forestry skills he and Bri were able to cut down a dead tree which then allowed them to put up our pool. Yippee, time for a swim!!!! It was quite eventful watching them cut the thing down, but all in all they both continue to be my heroes.
Mom and I managed to play about 6 games of Scrabble during the week. I really am not able to play it often and absolutely love it. Anyone else up for a game of Scrabble? Mom won the match so now we are tied. Her last trip I won and now she won, so they had better travel here again soon. Dad, Bri, and I played Monopoly once in which case I slaughtered the both of them. It was quite fun considering I have never made it through an entire game because I always went bankrupt.

Andrew decided to play football with his Thomas ball at the Feeces.

Subs have become a way of life after finding large packages of wonderful lunch meat for only $1 at a discount store!

We had a great time at the Shelby park one day. They have a carousel and a train that is only 50 cents to ride. Andrew especially loved riding the train with his crazy aunts. Thanks to Aunt Jennie they all raised their arms and screamed all the way through the tunnel.

Chloe seemed to enjoy it all too!

It's hard to believe that Jennie has graduated from college! We celebrated her big day at a friends in Greenville and then enjoyed going to Falls Park and getting pictures and throwing rocks in the water (Andrew's favorite). We topped the night off with an incredible ice cream cone from the Marble Slab.
We had tons of fun shopping, talking, more shopping, and eating along with so many other wonderful things. It is always a special treat to have family nearby...hint....hint!

Life gets back to the busy reality for us. Brian's parents are here tomorrow and Thursday and then I tackle the wedding reception for my friend on Saturday. Next weekend is the only weekend not completely booked like the rest of the month. I have two cakes to make for high school graduates along with one entire graduation reception for another. In the middle of that our KARE team is going to Dollywood and the list just goes on. I love being in the ministry! It may be busy, but it is so much fun. Andrew is mommy's little helper and is always busy being right at my side doing anything and everything to help.
Chloe rolled over for the first time today and already has her first tooth almost through. The poor thing has been teething like no tomorrow. I feel so bad for her when she is miserable. She is still my happy little munchkin. Her eyes are have turned brown, and it looks like she has Daddy's somewhat curly hair. I am loving it.
Well, I should head to bed before another busy day. Til' next time...