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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exciting, Exhausting, Entertaining, & Enjoyable Life at the Swaffers

Wow is all I can say about the last month. Sorry it's been so long since our last blog, but I am sure you all will forgive me! Everyone keeps telling me life only gets busier, but I'm not sure it could get busier than this. I have catered several events, had a weekend away in DollyWood, doctors appointments, and so much more. Within the last week Andrew got bit by a dog, Chloe was bit by a 1-year old in the church nursery (we won't mention any names---Eli Stroud), traveled all over Timbuktu, 3 graduation parties, and the list can go on. I am currently waiting for Brian's family to grace us with their presence for the next 3-4 days. Needless to say, life has been busy, but we are truly enjoying serving the Lord. We have children's VBS next week and youth VBS two weeks after. Brian and I had the privilege of teaching Sunday School the last 5 weeks. I love teaching, and always have a great time in preparation and the actual teaching. Brian continues to sell shoes, but is longingly waiting for the Lord to provide a different job. There is one possibility on the horizon--so please pray. He continues to also be the best husband, father, friend, and treasure I "own." Our sweet Andrew is going through those terrible twos, but is still my little angel. He came home from nursery one Sunday with the two most dreaded words-- no and mine. Aaghhhhhhh Something to work on!!! He had another bad case of ear infections and will be seeing another specialist the beginning of July to schedule removal of the adenoids, tonsils, and tubes in the ears. (multiple medical bills comin' right up). Chloe is our ray of sunshine. She is such a happy and content baby when not teething. I have become good at detecting those moments of severe pain and rub oragel all over them. She puckers as if sucking a lemon, but it eases the pain for time. She loves her big brother and watches everything he does (mommy is not sure about this past time). It is fun to watch her interaction and expressions. They bring so much entertainment and joy to our home. I cannot imagine life without them. As for me--I'm the same. Many pounds overweight, mother of two, wife of one (praise the Lord), and busy as a bee. Losing weight is my pastime right now, and it is fun to shed some of those extra pounds. Little at a time otherwise it's too discouraging. I have enjoyed catering a few things and have another lined up for next weekend. I love it! Well, here's a few pics--enjoy and I hope to get on here sooner than the last time. Til' next time...

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