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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Highlights

BetteAnn took some wonderful pictures of our little ones so I've put a few on here. We are hoping to get them all developed soon and sent to our family and friends. Don't hold your breath though! We have absolutely enjoyed my sister Kate being here the last week and a half. She is going to be going to family camp with us this week. We are greatly looking forward to this event. My brother Tom comes on Saturday and then we head to Florida on a mission trip the following Thursday. Busy life here at the Swaffers, but we are all doing great. Chloe is up and crawling, and Andrew is really not sure what to think about that. He isn't fast enough to scoop up his toys before she gets her hands on them. It is enteraining when he insists that she plays with her toys....but she has absolutely no interest if he is playing with something else. Guess the toys are always better tasting on the other side of the fence! Til' next time...

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