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Saturday, August 30, 2008


It has been way to long since I have had time to update. Things have been mighty chaotic around the Swaffer home with visitors, b-days, projects, daily life and an occasional house full of teenagers. We are anticipating a great weekend next weekend with our kickoff to Sigma. Rush is a blast, and there is much work that is put into it. We currently have a housefull of cardboard and other odd objects. Our backyard looks like a junkyard (for which I cannot wait to be rid of). There's an old toilet, sink, windows, doors, cabinets, mattress and much more. You may be wondering, "What in the world?" We are building something next weekend that needs these things---so off to painting them red and yellow we go. The beginning of August we celebrated Brian's 30'th b-day. It was a lot of fun planning a surprise party for him with many of his friends. We had about 24 people over and I managed to make 3 cheesecakes, sandwiches, and a few other treats. We had a great time of fellowship playing spoons on our living room floor. Memories, memories, and more memories were created. The rest of the month seems to be a blurr in my mind. I have started a small part time job as a companion to an elderly woman who is a neighbor of Ma and Pa's. It is not much each week, just a little to help out with groceries or other bills. Brian's Dad came for a short visit and we are looking forward to my Dad Leinberger coming on Thursday along with Kate and Paul. They are on their way to my Grandpa's memorial service in Florida for the weekend. Dad Sieger and several of my sisters will be coming in on Saturday evening also. They will enjoy seeing what Rush Weekend is all about! Nothing else new other than just staying busy with growing kids. Andrew is doing great at his alphabet and counting. He can point out most of the letters when he sees them and can usually say a word that starts with that letter. He says the whole alphabet and can count to 12 all by himself. We have fun together. He loves to help mommy cook and clean. We had fun organizing his room last week! Chloe on the other hand loves to just get into everything. She follows her brother everywhere and does whatever he does. I am not looking forward to this habit in the near future. She holds her own though, that is for sure. Well, til' next time...

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