Saturday, September 20, 2008

I love my kiddos!

Grandpa Leinberger was able to come for a very short visit, but we had a wonderful time. Chloe had yet to grace him with her presence, so I think they are now best friends. Andrew didn't waste any time either. Grandpa plays a great tickle monster. We wish Grandma could have come, but maybe soon!

Wow! is all I can say about the busy times and fun times that we have had recently. It appears to have been a whirlwind of the last few months, but many memories were created. That is for sure! We are truly enjoying the beautiful weather here in North Carolina. It is absolutely the best. Chloe and Andrew love to be outdoors and it is finally bearable to do longer than an hour at a time. Other than those pesty mosquitoes we enjoy long walks, "running", playing on the swing set, jumping on a sand covered mini trampoline and a constant shooing of the annoying dogs that wander our neighborhood. Here are a few pics that we have taken recently. As you can see they are both the cutest kids in the world and are getting so very big.

Chloe loves to say hi which is what she is doing in the picture where she has her hands raised. It sounds like "hiya" but it is simply adorable. Thanks to Evan (a little boy back in Wisconsin) Andrew enjoys his new bathrobe and many other new outfits sent our way a few weeks ago. Andrew has found a new "love"----Playdoh! We can sit at the table for forever with simply a rolling pin and one color of playdoh. It's fun and quite entertaining. It has been a source of working on our numbers too....1...2...3...pieces of hair on his head. Andrew loves helping in every way I let him. Things definitely take much longer, but it gives me so much joy to have help me. We baked a cake on Wednesday for one of our teens. Cake decorating is something I absolutely enjoy, but I set all my perfectionism aside and let him sprinkle the candies on top and push the lettering out. Looked like a 2 1/2 year-old made it, but it was worth it. Brian continues to be the best hubby ever. I thank the Lord for him constantly, and don't know what I would do without him. My biggest prayer is that I become a better wife for him. It's frustrating when you fail in the same areas over and over again. But, I am so thankful that Lord forgives and gives us the strength to get up and go again. Thanks, baby, for always loving me no matter what! I love ya.
As for me, Weight Watchers is my new best friend! I did it almost 5 years ago and lost 35 pounds, and have gained all that back and more. It is time to get back down to a smaller size! I started today, and really loved the meeting and the lady in charge. I am going to work hard at this and look forward to seeing the Lord give me victory in this area.
Well, no other new news here on the Swaffer front. So, til' next time...