Saturday, November 22, 2008

Much has happened since the middle of October. Where in the world do I even begin. We had beautiful weather and gorgeous changing of the colors--too bad I didn't take any nice pics of all our trees. Now, our yard is full of leaves and I have yet to find the time to rake. I know our lives were chaos in October, but I really cannot recollect anything out of the ordinary to mention. November crept up too quickly and we are definitely heading into the holidays at a record speed. We started the month off with major colds, double ear infections and the whole nine yards. Brian had a few job interviews, but the Lord has seen fit to keep him at the Shoe Department for still another season. We will remain content, but will not stop praying for a better job. The first weekend of November our group of teens hosted a Giant Clue game at church. It was a blast. Much work went into it, but the teens and parents seemed to really enjoy the evening. We ended up using several of our staff as the suspects and things found around our church with the exception of a golf club as the weapons. We created a giant game board in the gym to depict the actual clue game board. Brian made huge dice and huge playing pieces for each team. Way to go Nu Delta for winning the night and all the hard work. The following week brought many a doctor's appointments and a surprising double ear infection for Andrew. His surgery was scheduled for the 14th! We were very thankful that the infection did not change the surgery time. Surgery went very well and very fast. Recovery has not been as quick, but he seems to be doing so much better than the first several days. The first night we got home from the hospital I actually had to put my ear to his chest in order to hear him breathe. If you hadn't heard: before his surgery he snored louder than ever. We could hear him very loudly all the way across the house. His voice has changed drastically and eating as his wounds heal will get much easier. He seems to be a completely new person, we are so thankful for the Lord's protection and His strength in times like these. This past weekend we enjoyed a great Scavenger Hunt with our youth group. I added a picture of the log church we built as our basket. Unfortunately the picture doesn't have the steeple and bell tower on it yet, but maybe our church website will have an updated picture soon. It is always fun to then distribute hundreds of pounds of food to needy families in our church.
Today we enjoyed an afternoon of fun, free entertainment. The mall Brian works in was having a big day in preparation for the holidays. We went and watched some clowns, shook hands with Chik-fil-A cow, and watched a bunch of kids do pantomimes. Then, Santa made his entrance on the Little Blue Choo Choo train. We could care a less about Santa, but we were first in line to ride the train for free. Andrew was so excited and he had so much fun. Chloe seemed to really enjoy it too, especially when he pulled the bell. After our train ride we headed to a giant castle bouncy thing and he bounced for a long time. We played a few games, won some prizes, got some candy and headed home for a nice long nap. What fun, and I didn't have to spend any money! Well, other than that, not much is happening (ha ha). We weren't really planning on doing anything for Thanksgiving, but Brian's boss kindly told him yesterday that he could have the Wednesday before. Brian's sister is doing Thanksgiving that day and had asked us a while ago to come. So, last minute we get to go, and I am excited. Not sure what the plans are for Thursday yet, but we shall see.
Chloe is up and running and continues to amaze us with her smartness. She has definitely got a personality and keeps up to the best of her ability with her big brother.
Andrew is a sweetie and is so helpful around the house and with his sister. He is very protective of her. I do apologize for not keeping up, but as you can tell from the short synopsis our lives haven't been uneventful by any stretch of the imagination. We pray everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for each of you, your prayers, encouragements, and love for our family. Til' next time...