Friday, January 16, 2009

Coming and Going!

So, yes, I realize it's been an entire month since I last updated, but I do have a few good excuses! Currently our computer is history, and I am only able to get on Brian's laptop a little. December 18th the kids and I flew home to Wisconsin for an absolutely fabulous and memory-filled Christmas. Brian joined us Christmas Eve and then we all drove home to the sunny south on December 29th.
Christmas, as I mentioned, was amazing. It was the first time in 3 years that the entire family was together and the first time one of my sisters had met Chloe. The days leading up to Christmas were packed with adventures, shopping, shopping, and more shopping. I had several outings with my mom and a few with my sisters. The snow was beautiful and Andrew absolutely loved every inch of it. The first day we were there he kept pulling people outside to play with him. He would run and just rub his face in the snow. I am not sure where he learned that, but snow was a never ending conversation builder with our little man. Chloe, on the other hand, decided to let the dogs chew on her pacifier and came home without one. It was a quick and rough transition from the pacifier to none! She seems to be fully recovered and is coping well with just her "la-la" (blanket). Christmas Eve and Christmas morning were full of its many traditions and I simply soaked it all in knowing all too well that being home was ultimately the best Christmas gift I could have received. Christmas morning arrived and we were fully spoiled. The car we had was packed so tight that the hatch had to be closed multiple times to get it it lock. There was just enough room for the kids to be placed in their seats. We hated saying goodbyes, but it indeed was a great time! We were also able to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Leinberger, Grandma and Grandpa Swaffer and many other relatives. We had a marvelous time and are so thankful for the sacrifices of those who made our trip possible.

December 29th marked our adventure to head home and get back into reality! Brian had to be at work about an hour after we got home, so I spent the day organizing and unpacking. The days following are just as busy as any other. I threw a surprise birthday party that Friday for two our our youth workers. We had an enjoyable teen sleepover and then an activity Saturday morning. We are readjusted to our busy schedules and are certainly not liking the cold weather with NO snow. It has been quite warm the last few weeks, but it is changing drastically.

I am busy with lots of events looming ahead of me. I am throwing my sister-in-law a birthday party on Sunday, and am excited to do so. My team is in charge of doing the Secret Sister Fellowship again this year and I am so excited to decorate and make the food again. The theme is tons of fun too! Ladies Banquet is coming, April 18th, and we are undergoing skit practices and lots of preliminary jobs. It has been very relaxing, and I am enjoying serving the Lord in whatever capacity I can.
Brian currently is in the throws of 3 different jobs, but seems to be enjoying them. He has been working for H & R block and their courier service along with the Good Old Shoe Department. I am proud of him and so thankful for his hard and very diligent work. It makes for long days, but we are thankful for the Lord's provision and His timing. His hours have been cut at the Shoe Department, but his job at H & R Block has really helped.
Andrew is working on his phonics each day and loves to help me cook and clean. He still is not potty trained, but we are diligently working on that. He is doing better at coming and telling me, so maybe that is a start in the right direction.
Chloe, on the other hand, loves to "attempt" to speak by screeching or baby mumbo jumbo. She loves playing with her brother and loves to help mommy cook. Her favorite job is to hold the measuring utensils. She has a kitchen set in her room that her and Andrew play with very often. She tends to sneak my measuring cups into her room and stash them in the bottom cupboard of her kitchen set. So, whenever I am missing my cup measures I know where to find them. It is hard to believe that she is going to be turning 1 in just a week and a half!! My baby is growing up too fast.
Well, I hope this is an adequate amount of information to catch you faithful readers up with the events of our lives. Til' next time....