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Monday, February 16, 2009

Lil' of this and a lil' of that

It has been a busy week or so, but we are loving every minute with each other. Friday the kids and I were able to drop Daddy off at work and spend several hours at the park in Gastonia. We walked along a beautiful creek and, of course, had our share of rock throwing contests. After too much fun and energy "lost" (at least mommy's was, I think the kids gained more), we used the kids Valentine's money from Great Grandma to enjoy yummy kids meals at McDonalds. After playing in play land we headed to Target to use the rest of their fun money to get something special. They each picked out a ginormous ball and we headed back to meet Daddy. We got there around 7 and he had to work til' 8:30 so I figured we'd just play with our balls in the super empty parking lot rather than driving home and having to pack up an hour later. The weather was beautiful, for which I was very thankful. After being entertained with the large Target balls for an hour and a half we all headed home. Saturday has its business and Brian worked all day! The kids and I wanted to do something special for him so we made homemade enchiladas, Peanut butter pie, and a few other treats. Then, we had fun enjoying our new sidewalk chalk by drawing a message to Daddy on the driveway. I have put up a few pictures too... it is hard to tell from the angle of the pic but it says...We Love Daddy! I was spoiled with a dozen roses and lunch to Red Lobster! Yummy, Yummy is all I can say. I have the sweetest and best husband ever and not because of the gifts. I am so thankful for the blessing he is to me. Nothing else is new here in the Swaffer home. Andrew is not feeling too well, but I think he is on the up and up now. Chloe continues to amaze me with her intelligence. She knows now how to sign please and thank you. I tried to capture her doing them in some of the pics, but she was moving so it is hard to tell. We love you all and will update again soon. Til' next time...

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