Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our "Modeling" Fun

Sarah and I took the kiddos to our bi-weekly run to the Baptist church who so graciously holds a clothing closet. We were running a bit late, but were praying that the line wasn't too long and we could get some really nice stuff. There were about 6 cars in the parking lot so our hearts somewhat sank. But, we prayed as we bee-lined it into the building that the Lord would allow us to not have to wait super long. We walked in and no one was there! I could not believe at all the stuff we were able to get. I found 6 beautiful almost brand new brand name dresses for Chloe. Just last Sunday we were talking about how I needed to get her some new longer dresses for church. She is getting so tall and already bulging out of much that she has. I walked out of there with 3 Gap sweatshirts, 2 shirts, 6 dresses, pair of shoes, pajamas, diapers, and wipes for Chloe. Plus I found a great vest and shirt combo for Andrew. The Lord is good. Shortly after we left we headed to a local flea market and I found 2 more beautiful dresses for only fifty cents each. Isn't it great to see the Lord answer prayers!