Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why is it that it's been a month since I've updated?

Everyone is getting after me for not updating so I thought I could come up with some good excuses for it, but have yet to think of any. Well, other than the fact that our camera is completely out of whack! Nonetheless I have a few pics that I am sure all will enjoy.
It has been crazy busy in the Swaffer home, but of course, we love it. We are constantly amazed at how much we actually get done in one given week. I really cannot comprehend what we have done in the last four since I updated last!
Chloe continues to amaze us for her readiness to injure herself. I had scheduled pics for them, but had to cancel because she thought it would be great fun to walk off the back porch instead of turning around and going down like any other normal one-year-olds. She abruptly obtained a huge scrape on her forehead. She is continually watching her brother do EVERYTHING, and loves to put her hand at the same! The majority of the time it results in injury, but sometimes we are lucky! Andrew is doing great. We had a doctor's appointment on my birthday (yes, only moms schedule their kids' appointments on their own b-day), and his breathing stuff is back to normal. Some may wonder, "What is she talking about?" I guess I haven't updated since this began. About 3 1/2 weeks ago I took him for a "well check" only to find out that he had another double ear infection. This would have been the 4 double ear infection since his surgery in November. I was puzzled and lets say the least---very annoyed that this was happening again. I thought it was supposed to get better after his surgery not worse! Well, the doctor was not too happy either and continued checking him. He is way behind on his shots because every well-visit we have he ends up being sick. The doctor started really listening to his breathing and lungs, and put Andrew on a 30 minute breathing treatment. After about 2 hours in the office he concluded that Andrew probably was still suffering from his case of RSV two years ago! He said that it was very possible that he was going to have continued lung problems as a result (thanks Shelby Pediatrics!!!) He put him on some high dosage of medicine and said to come back in a few weeks. Well, we went back, and he appears to be doing better. I do not have to give him the medicine unless it appears bad, but we are so thankful he didn't need to get a nebulizer permanently! He is a huge 42 pounds and getting to be the biggest and best helper to his mommy and daddy.
Several weeks ago a dear family in our church gave us some money for whatever. We unanimously decided that now was the time to gut our bathroom!! The floors are all rotted out and it is disgusting! Andrew has enjoyed helping his daddy pull up the tiles, baseboards, etc. I cannot wait for it to be over!
Two weeks ago Brian and I left our munchkins for a week and spent 5 days at the Wilds in Brevard, NC. Our church sent us to the Youth Workers Retreat! We had so much fun. It was indeed a growing time, but an amazing time of relaxation and spoiling too. There were many late nights of games and laughter. I ran into a few friends from high school and camp. It was fun to catch up with them and meet several new friends. Thanks to our kids second set of parents (Sarah and Dan Hefner) we had no cause to worry they wouldn't have fun. It was good to get home, but we are certainly looking forward to going this summer as sponsors with our youth group.
I had a marvelous birthday with my family. They took me mini golfing, out for Chinese, and shopping. Andrew helped pick out my gift---a hammock!! I have wanted one since I was a little girl, and now I can lounge outside and read a book while the monsters play. For all of you who sent birthday greetings one way or another---Thank you! Brian is in the process of praying for a new job, but we are trusting the Lord to meet every need. He is so good to us. Well, I hope that this update finds you all well. Auntie Kate, Andrew says, "Get bebber (better) and I love you!" He also says to all his grandparents, "You cum my house, k? Play me my trains!" (play with him and his trains)
Til' next time...