Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow!!!!! So much has happened in the last 4 1/2 months. I am so sorry for not keeping the blog up to date. Unfortunately Facebook is much easier and I enjoy keeping up that way, but I forget about those of you who are not up to times with such technology. So, on that note, I will try to throw on a few pictures and update some things that have happened since April.

April definitely brought its business with the Ladies Banquet I was in charge of doing. We did the theme on God's Promises. I was indeed blessed to have a tremendous committee of ladies helping me. We had a full house and lots of yummy food and such. Our speaker was an amazing blessing to us all as she spoke on how she clung to God's promises when she lost her child in a car accident. Little did I know how much many of the ladies in our church needed just this topic with so many losing loved ones, jobs, and other difficult circumstances occurring.

Two weeks later Awards banquet was on us and we were excited to get into the decorating for that. Nu Delta took the trophy again this year, and we were thrilled to have had some amazing spiritual growth in the lives of many of our teens.

May seemed to be a hodge podge of different things. I actually cannot recall everything, I just know we didn't have much time to breathe. June hit us with all sorts of fun times. We had a garage sale for a few days and did exceptionally well. Lots of playing outside, friends over, and such. The end of the June arrived and Brian and I were able to go to the Wilds as sponsors for our teen week. It was amazing and we are looking forward to many more years of that blessing. The week after teen camp we had Family camp with our Church. It was a great 3 days of camping life. We were able to go together with two other families. So, it was a help to do a few meals for everybody instead of all the meals. We spent lots of late nights with kick the can, card games and a few spy games! The following week we had our traveling evangelists 3 older kids for a few days as they went on an anniversary trip. Wow, that was hectic, but fun. Let's just say, I am not ready for 5 kids any time soon!
The kids and I had waited all summer to go to my parents in Wisconsin. They flew us home for a week and a half and we loved every second of it. We were able to swim everyday for hours at a time. Andrew's favorite time was helping Grandpa every morning and night get the horses fed and such. They loved to ride the horses too. We enjoyed the times of fellowship with family and friends.
It was good to get home and back to the schedule of reality. We had a big birthday party for Brian and then jumped into the business of KARE interviews, parents lunch, and now the planning for Rush weekend. We are so excited about the new Sigma year and are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for all of us.

Brian continues to work at the Shoe Department and has currently started a trial period with selling copy machines and such. We are really praying that it is something he can do full time eventually. God is good and has continually provided for us over the years. It is always amazingly wonderful to look back and see what He has done---cuz there is no logical reason how it happened.
Me, on the other hand, has stayed busy with mommy stuff like cooking, cleaning, organizing, schooling, playing with my kiddos and more. I have enjoyed doing a few catering things over the summer and always love those immensely. One of these days I would really like to venture out and start earning some money doing them. I have officially started school with Andrew and have enjoyed it thus far. He is a smart little guy and should do well. I have enjoyed doing a few projects around the house. I just finished redecorating the guest bathroom, and I love it. We are still in the throws of our master bathroom, but it will probably be a while before we can do anything else.
Andrew continues to grow grow grow! I cannot believe he will be four in only a few months. He is loving to learn and really enjoys to sing. He is constantly making up new songs, and they usually make sense and are really pretty. He was able to get a new bike this summer and loves to ride up and down the street, with mommy, of course! Currently, he loves to read and he loves to build or fix things.
Chloe is our little drama queen. I like to call her my little girl with major eye personality! She has some of the funniest expressions that she simply uses her eyes for! She loves to keep up with her big brother and loves to copy anything and everything that anyone else does. She is my energizer bunny and never stops. We love her and really do enjoy how nicely they play together (at least most of the times.)
Other than all that nothing new around here. I will try my hardest to do better. Sigma keeps us pretty busy, but I will try to make a point of doing this. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Til' next time....