Thursday, September 17, 2009

fun times

Well, again I have failed to be better at updating. My camera is still broken so I am not able to do the fun picture thing. We just finished an amazing Rush weekend of which our team won. I am glad it is over, but it truly is a highlight of our year each year.

The kids are doing amazing. Andrew is loving preschool and is doing well, considering his age. Chloe loves to sing the ABC's with him all the time. "I don't hear it enough!" Our booth for Rush ended up being a schoolhouse and Brian was able to record Andrew singing the songs to play inside our booth. Andrew loved it and smiled the whole time he was recorded.

It is always fun to see how the Lord provides for all of our needs. Brian still has not made anything on the Xerox job, but is plugging away at it and is praying it works out. The Shoe Department is still less hours, but we are thankful for a job right now!

I am new to having to purchase clothes for my children. I have been blessed the last 4 years to have been given hand me downs from several people for both of our children. Unfortunately for me they have outgrown those passing down to them so our "manna from heaven" has stopped in that form. However, I have seen the Lord provide through other avenues and I am continually amazed at how He "dumps" beautiful clothing in our laps. The Lord is so good to us, and I marvel at His blessings over the years. Sometimes it is fun to look back at the trials He has placed us through, and it all looks so worth it. We are striving to serve Him and live for Him and He is ALWAYS quick to take care of us. I can't imagine what life is like without Christ! I know we have lots to learn and many areas to grow in, but it is neat to see how He is forming each of us. Please pray for us that we stay yielded to Him and faithful to Him.

Church keeps us busy and we love every second of it. I cannot imagine life right now without dozens of teenagers surrounding us! It is indeed a blessing and an absolute blast! There is never a boring moment around this home or church for that matter.
We are excited about missions conference next week and look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for our church as we send more missionaries across the world.

There is a possibility of my catering a wedding next June. I am working hard to research pricing and such so I can make a little money and use this as my springboard for a catering business for real. It's exciting!

Well, that is the new news in our home. We miss our family and friends, yet we are so excited to be where God has placed us. Til' next time...