Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh, Dear! It has been way too long since I have posted anything on here. I certainly need to do better. Unfortunately it seems we update our information and pictures more often on Facebook lately. It tends to be much faster and easier, but we understand some have yet to venture into that avenue of technology. So, as to a bit of an oversight of the last 4 months of life I will have to give a quick synopsis!

We are expecting our third June 7th, and Andrew and Chloe are anticipating another little sister to add to the Swaffer household. I had a rough start of the pregnancy with lots of sickness and other "wonderful" problems. But, the throwing up seems to have ceased for the most part and I am constantly feeling this little girl moving within. She doesn't seem to sleep much, so I am praying that changed quickly once she graces us with her presence.

Andrew turned 4 in December and is our smart little man. He loves to read, sing, and play games. He has truly proven to be a great protective big brother and makes sure Chloe doesn't get into any trouble. They are sweet together, and for that I am very thankful.

Chloe turned 2 just last week! It is so hard to believe how time goes by so quickly. She is talking up a storm and loves her baby dolls and horsies! She keeps telling me that she is going to feed baby sister her bottle. I am looking forward to my two little helpers helping me out. Chloe loves to cook, bake, and clean. Hmmmm....I wonder where she gets that from. Her dolls have to be just so on her bed and nothing seems to be out of place with anything for her or Andrew.

They are both participating in the younger version of Master Clubs in our church and are doing excellent. Andrew quotes his verses to us all the time and we are excited to see him beginning to learn so much from the Word of God. Chloe's favorite song is "Jesus loves the little ones like me me me!"

Brian continues to work at the Shoe Department, and has been bumped down to 30 hours. He works so hard, and I am so thankful for a husband who really works diligently to provide for us. He is currently running the courier service for H & R Block during the tax time. It has been a blessing and a help with the finances due to his cut in hours.

We are looking forward to attending the youth pastor's conference at the Wilds the first week of March. It is now a highlight for us as we continue to work with the youth here at Emmanuel. We always learn so much and seem to grown through many wonderful sessions. Not to mention the fun and time of relaxation we get to enjoy too.

I will try much harder to be more faithful at updating. No promises that is for sure. So, until next time....