Friday, January 14, 2011

Are you decluttering?

Why is it that we just want to throw everything out the first of the year? Oh, and organize every drawer, cupboard, closet and such? Well, I am finding that my plan last year worked, and I am, by God's grace, gonna do it once again this year. Last year I organized, decluttered at least rooms/closets/drawers a week! I found that I was decluttering each thing at least twice a month or every other month. This plan in action helped alleviate it from becoming a drawn out, exhausting job. I understand this plan may not work for you, but my being a mommy of 3 little ones with something ALWAYS going on, I had to figure something out that worked for me.

I am so thankful for a mom who taught me when I was little to put things away and to be responsible for all that God had given me. I remember some people telling me that I would never have time to keep my closets clean or mop my kitchen floor when I had kids. Guess that lit a little fire under me and I made a commitment that that was not going to be the case. I have always looked at my home as "my job," but more importantly as my ministry. If I were back in the workplace I would give 110%, why would I give any less in my home? My utmost desire, as I am sure is yours too, is to do things to the glory of God. I desire to be a testimony in and through my home. So, as you scrub out those cupboards and weed through that extra "junk" you never use, just remember that it is a job you must seek God's strength to complete, and little by little inch by inch it will get done.