Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aren't you so thankful for the new grace God gives each morning?! I certainly am, especially on mornings like today. I awoke knowing I needed to narrow my search for doctors and actually get in somewhere to be checked. My symptoms have worsened, and the pain doesn't subside a bit. For those of you who do not know the situation I shall enlighten you....I started 2 weeks ago with a horrid bought of pink eye and what seemed to be a nasty little cold. Unfortunately the pink eye has come and gone 4 times in two weeks. I guess maybe it just NEVER went away. My cold has given me a lump in my throat. It feels as if something is permanently stuck at the base of my throat and swallowing anything kills. Yesterday was the icing on the cake----about 6 times I had to gag myself to throw up because it alleviated something that was giving me the sensation that I was choking on something and couldn't breath. So, I drove to Belmont and went, for the first time, to the minute clinic. I chose there cuz it was gonna be half the price as anywhere else in the area. Long story short, they could not help me. It is not a bacterial issue that can be taken care of by antibiotics but will most likely need a steroid to take the swelling down. Uggh, but blessing....she didn't charge me a dime and was so sweet and very helpful. So, for a few days I am gonna take a few allergy medicines recommended and just rest a bit! ha ha funny!

 Since we were in the area Daddy wanted to meet up for lunch at our children's and most everyone's kids favorite restaurant....the one with the Golden Arch! It was nice to just relax a bit before heading out to do our grocery shopping. Didn't have a great amount of coupons or anything, but I did have several things that I had to have. So we sat in the parking lot and asked the Lord to help us find some of the items we needed for a good deal and to keep us safe the rest of the way! Little did I know that that prayer would be answered. The Lord allowed us to find $100 + worth of meat and paid only $38. Also, found some fun things at CVS and got a huge box of Huggies diapers for only $6!!!!! 76 diapers----that is God at work, for sure! Lots of little things was His way of showing me He cared for the little things too.

On our embark home I dreaded pulling onto our street. The is covered in ice! I had Andrew start praying right away. As I reached the top of the hill I looked down and there sat a car in the MIDDLE of the road. I am so thankful for a hubby and daddy who taught me how to handle ice to the best of our ability. So, I threw the er brake on, shifted to low, and a few other things and just prayed that we wouldn't have an accident. The lady just sat there until I finally began turning my wheels to just run in the ditch to avoid hitting her. She THEN moved and yup, my car ended in the ditch, cuz there was no time to correct it. Thankfully another neighbor noticed and came while the lady who caused it all put my car in reverse. So, Heather and I got in the ditch and pushed my poor little red car, with quite ecstatic children inside, right out of the ditch!

So, all that to say---My God is good to me each and EVERY day and He never puts too much on my plate that I cannot chew with Him. I love the good times and the tough ones, just praying that, through His grace alone I rely and never hold an ounce back from Him! Have a blessed day!