Saturday, January 15, 2011

How can one resist the smells of apple coffee cake and homemade bread? Those are the smells my little nose is sniffing throughout our home this chilly evening. My in-laws arrived a few hours ago and we enjoyed a relaxing evening of talking, singing, and visiting. Now, I sit alone in the darkened room with Chloe whispering to her baby (she is sharing her room with Grandma and Grandpa so she is sleeping on our floor.) It is funny to sit in the quiet after such a long, loud, and exciting hub bub of a day.
I began the day tackling the laundry and ironing. It didn't take too long, but I figured Daddy should sleep in for a bit and I would get stuff done around the house before venturing out to Gastonia. After emptying the van of all Brian's work stuff we piled in and headed out for some adventures. We picked up a beautiful pink chair at a friends, hit Goodwill, and stood in Walmart waiting for them to attempt color matching my paint and then after an hour of waiting and doing it they proclaimed they were out of the accent base I needed---typical! After that we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Ci Cis and then got some bathroom stuff from Home Depot. I am excited to say that my bathroom sink is officially in the dresser my hubby found me. It looks really cool, and I am excited to have it all glued down and ready for washin' my hands. I tackled the not so fun job of touching up the paint in every room in the house. It is always a hard, daunting task, but I try to do it at least once a month so we don't have major scraped up paint. If you have little ones you know what I mean--Cars on the walls, shoes on the tables, everything running into the baseboards--you know, all that fun stuff! I rearranged the pink/brown room to make space for the beautiful pink chair I received from a friend! It looks so great and makes for a very cozy "guest" room when we have company. One day it will all be moved around, but for now, it looks amazing!

I found a new recipe for coffee cake so I figured it was time to make it. Looking forward to diving into it in the morning! Well, I pray you had an eventful and great weekend with your family. I never take for granted each moment we can spend with one another. Make sure you make those special memories too! Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!

As a side note, Maddie started crawling January 1st, and today she decided it was time to stand and try to walk. Oh, Maddie, please don't grow up so fast----Love, Mommy