Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you forsaking instruction?

I had the blessed privilege of talking to my mom for quite some time yesterday afternoon! What an overwhelming blessing that alone is to me! I wish that other children could enjoy such sweet fellowship as my momma and I enjoy. After thanking the Lord for her last night, He knew already what passage of His Word I would "happen" upon this morning. So often, we as grownups forget the instruction that our parents gave us while growing up. Yes, I understand, that standards change, and sometimes our preferences are not the same when leaving the home. But, do we throw more of it out, because we are "grown up" now and can make our own decisions? I am reminded in God's Word that my parents did their best, before God, to raise me to be what God wants of me. Through God's strength, they mentored me and gave me rules, standards, and so many practical things to follow to help me! Just as I desire to instruct my children to do right, my parents did just that. I praise God that, by His grace alone, I have clung to many of those principles my parents put into me. I serve a marvelous and merciful God, and I praise Him for helping me make the right choices throughout the years. And, in those horrible choices I made and times of wandering, He loved me still and carried me through them. So, as God brings your parents to mind today, what are you thankful for? I am thankful they stood against all odds and challenged me in the way of wisdom and didn't compromise when it seemed the easier route!