Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleepovers, Stitches, Soul Searching, Sweet Beginnings!

Oh, what wondrous things have happened in just the last few weeks! It seems as though the Lord just knows exactly what our heart and soul needs. I never would have thought I could thank Him for crazy times, stressful times, and quite honestly, very difficult and trying times! Yet, I know I can say that He has given me victory in so many things in these last few weeks! What a blessed Savior I serve! I began the month of January off somewhat discouraged and frustrated at the state of my walk with the Lord. Everything else seemed to just fall apart, and Satan began sticking his poky nose into everything, so it seemed. I remember, at one point, wanting to just sit down and cry, and I did just that too often. If you know me well enough---that is quite unusual. I am not known to be the most emotional female out there, and it takes quite a bit to just break down and cry. But, I knew that I had to get on my knees and weep for forgiveness, help, and strength to get through whatever He desired to put me through.

Sometimes you just see my happy pictures as you follow my blog, but you aren't always aware of the stresses that are underneath. I have found myself frustrated at so many things---jobs, time as a family, finances, discouragement, and just plain exhaustion!! Yes, this is Molly saying I have been exhausted! Believe me, the verse "Be not weary in well doing..." has been ringing in my ears the last few weeks! We ended this last week attending a youth retreat at our church. The topic.....Spiritual Growth! Oh, how my heart was stirred and I know that this retreat was just what I needed at the beginning of 2011! There were so many things I knew God wanted to teach me and was preparing me all along to just give in and let Him have HIS Way! I praise the Lord for all that I learned and look forward to serving Him better this year. So, when you are down and out and looking at the negative things around you, remember that God, in His love and mercy wants to do great and mighty things with and through you as long as you are willing to let Him. So, what am I willing to do to be all that He wants me to be???? Anything!! I truly want to be everything He wants me to be. So, if that means I need to give more, be selfless, not have all that I want or even need, swallow my pride, and whatever else, I want to be willing!

So, amidst the slumber parties, ladies meeting, Birthday parties, visit to the doctor for stitches, and just plain day to day frustrations, I have a mighty God who loves and cares for me, and I am longing to be used however He desires!