Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time flies!

It's hard to believe that I have barely had time to breath since my last post 15 days ago! I remember now why I left the blogging world for so long, but I really do hate not updating more frequently! Alas, tis life as a mommy in ministry with 3 little munchkins.

Just a quick overview of the last few weeks: Chloe fell and split open the vein in her forehead resulting in a trip to the doctors, trauma, and 3 stitches. We have had the flu 3 times now, all of which, resulted in mommy not feeling the perkiest either. We finally had our house quoted for our new siding this summer, for which I am truly ecstatic about!!!! Our master bathroom is just awaiting the finishing touches of paint on the base boards and chair rail and my new $3 cool chandelier hung. It has been a long job and frustrating process all too often, but I am excited to post pictures soon of all the changes. I am still loving my little weekly cleaning job. I have yet to see the money, but I will patiently await those checks so we can pay off some bills and put the rest toward a much anticipated family vacation in May with my family. Lots of cleaning, shopping, couponing, missions projects, and much more has occurred since my last post!

I have been working diligently to weed through our home, attic, shed, and closets to get rid of much stuff at our Charlotte Tot Trade. I am praying to sell it all and earn some funds to purchase a bunkbed for my little princesses. Sometime this summer we are going to switch the bedrooms around making Andrew's and the guest room a little more spacious. Well, I must take a nap due to an early morning of shopping and adventure. Til' next time...