Thursday, February 3, 2011

What does the Bible mean to you today?

When you wake up to another morning do you look forward to the sweet moments in God's Word? What does it mean to you? It seems as if our lives could not get any busier, but I am constantly reminded through the precious words in the Bible that spending that time close to my Savior is what makes those busy, stressful times truly amazing. This morning  I was reminded that never forgetting His Word and continually writing them on my heart will bring me long life and peace. Wow, if I always remembered that when I fail or simply push Him aside for the day using the excuse of "no time." What a rebuke it is to know that despite my continual failures and poor excuses my God loves me and willingly corrects me to bring me closer to Himself. So, as you approach another day at the mercy of our loving Lord are you willing to "bind" His truths in your heart?...."then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble" Proverbs 3:23

If I was constantly reminded of the promises His Word gives for day to day life, I know I would truly look at each day and problem differently. Have a blessed day, and don't forget to spend time with the One who matters MOST!