Saturday, March 26, 2011

6 years

I know, I's been a month, and a crazy busy one at that! Seems like my life never stops long enough for a deep breath and an occasional sigh! But, alas! I am joyfully loving serving the Lord here in NC and so thankful for God's clear direction in our lives. It's hard to believe, that 6 years ago today, Brian and I were married. What a road we have traveled in 6 years. I so look forward for as many years as the Lord gives us together. There have been ups and downs, as any marriage has, but so glad the ups outweigh the downs and our love has grown stronger through the years! I am praising the Lord today especially for a godly rock of a husband whose desire is to serve the Lord no matter what and wherever He places us. We enjoyed a very romantic weekend away at a beautiful hotel. I think I ate the best meal I've eaten in years at a very nice restaurant and an delish breakfast too (that was free because of our anniversary). Yes, we had to leave the quietness, stress-free, relaxing life in a hotel room by ourselves and come home to our 3 precious treasures. Wow! I am so blessed to have such a great family! Everyone needs some down time, but this mommy always looks forward to being with her little ones again and getting on with the daily life here at the Swaffer home.

Hmm... some happenings around here: I helped my hubby last week pull off all our siding off our home. It was a great deal of work and I have bruises and scratches to prove it! We have a contractor coming Monday to begin our little home makeover!!! I am looking forward to a beautiful little gray sided home with white trim and black shutters. We pulled the old off and hauled all the trash away to cut the cost down substantially! Looking forward to posting pics next week sometime.

Mommy has officially joined the Circuit. I have been really wanting to get back into Curves for several reasons. I had joined 3 years ago and lost a substantial amount of weight and did very well leaving my home to workout. After having Maddie, the Curves here in town had closed and the closest one was 15 minutes away. It was pretty much out of the question, so I joined Weight Watchers. I love it, but I really need to do the workout part and I figured I could be a better steward with my money if I found someplace that I could go early in the morning before Brian leaves for work. So I kept praying hard. Isn't it always amazing to see the Lord work in His timing? I really struggled the last few weeks on WW, but didn't want to quit, just wanted something to give. I "happened" across a little brick building about 2 minutes from my house with a pink sign saying The Circuit---30 minute women's workout. I drove up and walked inside only to behold the same setting and equipment as Curves. I couldn't believe it, then they told me the cost per month was half of what Curves and WW asks you bet, I signed up and have loved every day of it thus far. Hoping that scale at WW reads a much smaller number this week!

God continues to provide for our every need! I would challenge you to read my note on FB in regards to a new wardrobe and shoes for my little girls. Couponing continues to be my "hobby" and a topic of great excitement. Just yesterday I got $150 of groceries at Harris Teeter and only paid $31! I had to skip out of the store and the cashier just shook her head from disbelief

We are looking forward to the summer months and a great vacation to the mountains with my entire family! Sigma is almost complete for this term and we are changing some things up in our youth department for which we are super excited about!

May you each have a blessed Lord's day and a great week if I don't jot a note sooner!!!