Monday, March 28, 2011

Chubby feet, chubby cheeks, and open hearts!

 I am so thankful for little feet that drag dirt in my home, 
create noise EVERYWHERE they roam,
make bubbles in the bathtub, 
and simply walk beside me through all the hub bub. 
I am so thankful for little curls so fun to brush,
little smiles to clean when in a rush,
big appetites to feed so much, 
and most of all little hearts that I can touch,
And, by God's grace, shape to love our Savior!

What a tremendous opportunity I have to be a mommy! There are times when my impatience gets the worst of me, my tongue is quick and sharp, and I am unthankful and frustrated with the daily mundane and difficult decisions that arise. Yet, my God has reminded me this morning through His Word, that my children are my blessings and I must NEVER take my blessings for granted.

We have enjoyed the beautiful weather in the Carolinas the past few weeks. Last week we went to the park twice, colored chalk on our driveway, did lots of yard work, took walks, and so much more. I sit at the computer this morning on a cold rainy day wondering what we should do today. I think it may be gigles playing games, baking cookies, and just relaxing. So thankful for my little ones to keep me company on days like today.

On a side note, may you think to pray for us this week please? Chloe is asking many questions about heaven and hell and wanting to be saved. She seems so young for me, and Andrew started asking questions at this age too, but it wasn't til' last year that God softened our son's heart and we saw him wondrously ask Jesus to be His Savior. We pray the same for our little girls, and never want to rush into something so important as salvation. Andrew witnessed to her the whole way home from church last night and told her He would help her pray when we got home. I love having a little preacher with me,  it is a sobering and challenging thing too.

Despite a rough night sleep, I am pleading with the Lord for His Grace today to have an attitude that would please and honor Him all day long! May you have a blessed day, and remember, thank the Lord for something or someone today!!!!