Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Tricks" of the trade

I guess I have come to the place in my life when I often wonder how my mom did it all: raising 9 kids, keeping her house spotless, organizing, witnessing, shopping, and being a great wife. I am indeed blessed to have grown up with such an example over me. She often taught all 8 of us girls that when the Lord saw fit to allow us to stay home to never forget that our home was the "job" and ministry God had given to us. She lovingly reminded us that if we were in a different "occupation" we would give our all; so why not our own home! So, as I begin blogging a little ounce of what I do in my home, I look forward to comments, suggestions, and ideas that you have within the walls of your own home!

We have struggled financially throughout the years under a salary of a shoe salesman and currently a maintenance man. I am so blessed to have a hardworking husband that provides what God allows him to. There have been very difficult times, but I praise God for His provision and for the circumstances that we have been through.

We moved to our current home about 5 years ago. To say the least, the inside was somewhat an eye sore after our first very little, but cute home. But, I knew that this is where the Lord had led us, and I was willing to roll up my sleeves and do what I could with what we had. And so the journey began...