Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Jesus is to me!

Lately, during my time with the Lord, I have been writing down or highlighting all that Jesus is to me. It has been an overwhelming encouragement and has truly lifted my spirits when I think of His sweet promises that are just for me for each day. It is often hard to imagine that God could love a wicked sinner like me, but aren't you glad He hasn't thrown you out based on constant failures? I am! I have been doing this throughout the Psalms and here are just a few of what I have found thus far: My God is my Rock, Strength, fortress, deliverer, High-tower, Salvation, Life, Helper, Trust, Shepherd, Counsel, Right Hand, Strong step, Protector, Safety, and the list could go on forever. I have been jotting down a main meditation for each day, and I have enjoyed applying who God is to me in different ways. Today's was: I am no more a lost sheep, but I am still the Shepherd's sheep!! What a joy to know that this silly little sheep still has an Almighty Shepherd watching over my every step. May you each have a blessed day in whatever direction the Lord takes you. Be sure to let Him be your Shepherd!