Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun times

 Why, hello there! It seems the worst is behind us in the category of sickness is concerned. I feel like we have had some kind of bug since the first of January. This was the medicine line up for this evening. I threw my Excedrin in there just for extra drama, but mommy is trying to fight off some major neck pain. I didn't add all mine and Brian's allergy medicine, figured I'd refrain, but it would have added another 4 + bottles of random things.

Andrew officially has an ear infection. Which when the doctor asked if one of his ears hurt and Andrew said yes he pointed to the wrong one. Meaning, he never knows cuz he is just used to them hurting. We thought the tonsil and adenoid removal a few years ago was gonna stop that, but gonna wait it out a bit longer and then may have to do the tube in the ears thing. His throat was also very red so he was given an antibiotic and a refill on his Zyrtec.

Chloe, our drama queen when sick, has a horrid sore throat and has been throwing up due to all the mucous that she is swallowing. She was started on Zyrtec too, so we are praying that it helps give her a little rest from all of the drama is getting a little old for mommy! (o; We have also been monitoring her sleep and have found that she is having some trouble breathing at night. So, we have an appointment for consultation at the sleep doctor soon to pick a time for a sleep test. Praying that it is just the allergies that cause it, but it's gone on for awhile and when checked last year they couldn't find anything.

Madelynn, has a horrid sore throat, ear infection, and a severe case of allergies in her eyes! Poor baby has looked out of it the last few days. Despite all that, she continues to show off her smile, great personality, and chubby self as she literally runs around the house!!!

I love my little ones and am praying that this stuff goes away before vacation in three weeks!! We are looking forward to spending a whole week + with family in Tennessee! I am constantly reminded that God has a purpose for all the good and "bad" things that come our way. Isn't it a thrill to know that He has our best interest, He will never leave us, He will scoop us up in His arms and comfort us?! I am so thankful that He is that Friend to me! May you each have a blessed weekend, if I am unable to post anything before Monday!