Friday, April 1, 2011

Laughter + Laughter = Medicine

This morning I had to sit patiently and wait for an appointment that the individual ended up never coming! It was frustrating, but I had prayed and asked the Lord before getting to the appointment that He would help me have a great attitude and be a light for our Savior! It seemed as if the Lord just help lighten the whole situation by very funny people coming and going. I sat laughing or giggling under my breath almost the whole waiting time of 45 minutes. It could have been easy to mumble and complain inwardly and outwardly, but I am thankful that God gives us choices, and this time I made the right choice. Isn't it nice to defeat the devil in these seemingly insignificant decisions in life. Just this morning I read in Psalms 27 about waiting on the Lord. He often teaches me patience beyond what I can imagine. My decision to laugh and be patient paid off and I had about a half dozen other employees go to the top guy saying, "There is a really nice lady who has been waiting for so and so forever!" We got it all taken care of, and I praise the Lord He helped me laugh in some of those not so laughable times!
 Being patient is something I truly struggle with. I am so glad that I can ask my loving Lord to help me in this area and through His Strength be what I can be for Him!

Are you laughing today?  Are you waiting patiently?