Friday, April 8, 2011

Meditating, Meetings, and My Life!

I am thrilled to be doing a study in Psalms with our teens! Been really challenged already about taking the time and putting some effort into meditating on God's Word and what He has convicted me about on a daily basis. I admit, oftentimes I rush through my devotions just to "have them" and fail to really meditate and mull over in my head and heart what God wanted me to learn even from a few simple verses. Isn't it exciting though to know that He gives us second and third and fourth....chances? I am super thankful for a God like that!

Well, the weekend is looming before us and there is so much to be done. We are looking forward to our last sleepover team meeting and youth activity. That is, the last of this Sigma year. If you hadn't heard, we are doing a "bit" of a change with our youth group next year. I am super excited at the changes on the horizon. Our sweet family finished the night last night by filling 248 Easter eggs for our candy-loving teens. Seems to always be a highlight the last five years we have done team meetings, so we look forward to our last one each year. Kind of crazy seeing a bunch of teens frantically running through our yard with their bag desperately scooping up colored eggs. My little ones especially enjoy it and they get sent out a minute before the teens too!

Many have asked about my weight-loss-- I am so glad that God makes it hard! Yes, you heard that right! I have to really trust Him more when it really takes time, effort, and lots of hard work! If he allowed my bazillion extra pounds to just fall right off, there would be no need to trust Him or ask for His strength and help. Since my journey started (shortly after Maddie's birth) I have lost 42 pounds and have dropped 6 sizes. I praise the Lord for His help, and look forward to continuing to trust Him for His help. I joined the Circuit a few weeks ago, and LOVE it!! Big news........I am running/walking in a 5k with my sister in law in a few weeks! This has been something I have always wanted to do! I am super excited!

Praying you each have a blessed weekend!!!