Monday, April 4, 2011

Not much time to blog today, but figured I'd throw a few things on here of some things the Lord has really taught me over the weekend! I am in love with my godly husband, and a day does not go passed without praising the Lord for blessing me with such a man. What a constant reminder to be thankful for all things, because we never know how long we will keep them in our grasp. God has reminded me all too often of what is so precious to me and the selfish, impatient ways that I often react. I seem to constantly fail in that arena of life, but am so thankful for God's overwhelming forgiveness and the strength He gives me to be victorious through Him in any sin. What do you struggle with? Are you throwing it at the fee of the Savior, begging for His help, and then just letting it go to Him?

We were off bright and early this morning. I hit the Circuit as soon as they opened and then rushed home to the hub bub of a day that was set before us. I had promised our siding crew that I would feed them lunch one afternoon, and today seemed the best day for it. Then, remembered that we were invited to someone's house for supper, only to find out they were hurting financially and didn't really have much to serve. So, I threw together a chicken casserole, some rice, veggies, breadsticks, and fruit pizza, and we are gonna surprise them! So, must be along! Praying you each remember the grace that God gives you on a daily basis, even through the busy times! Thanks for following just a few of my ramblings!