Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you get done when sickness infests your home?

So, are you like me when the germ bugs attack? I feel like I have laid in bed the last 7 days and have accomplished "nothing." Yet, as a mommy we don't have time get sick! (o; Guess, when our house still must function, family must eat, baths done, teens fed, and ministry calls, we just have to beg God for strength and joy through those not so enjoyable sick moments. When lying in bed in the middle of night not able to sleep due to horrid throat pains I was reminded of the mundane chores that really are so important! It's not the junk drawer, hidden closets, kids dressers, book shelves, dishwasher, and any other areas that really aren't seen that is as important as the toilets, kitchen table, and more high-traffic areas that truly matter. Now, I am not saying that those other "hidden" areas are not important to keep clean and organized, but we can't get bent out of shape when we can't keep up or get to those in a given week. The Lord has really helped me to give this area over to Him the last few years. Several years ago I would get so frustrated about the most trivial things being out of place. Guess three kids later lots of things change and I had to realize what was truly important. Some things that really help me even during sickness:
  1. Wipe down your toilets once a day! I know, that seems like so much and most people only clean their bathroom once a week. My momma always had us do this and reminded us that the bathroom is one of the most used facilities in your home and EVERYONE uses it--even your guests. Why not quickly wipe it down once a day? I usually leave a Windex under the sink and grab a paper towel and wipe it all down, including the WHOLE outside of the toilet. I emphasize that, cuz it grosses me out to see all the nasty stuff that falls at the base of the toilet. It takes me about 10 seconds to do a pretty thorough job. Just imagine the time you cut out when you want to really do a thorough clean with your bleach or whatever other cleaners you use. If you wipe things down more often your hard-core clean will not take nearly as long.
  2. Empty your sink! I know this is one that many don't like to hear or do, but guess it's something that helps me. Don't leave dishes in your sink! I know, I are busy, tired, have tons to do, and the list can go on, but isn't it true that most focal points in a home or something you see and notice first is your kitchen sink or counters? That is the first thing that you see when you walk into my home! Quite honestly, my momma ingrained in me, "You never want to wake up to yesterdays mess!" This doesn't mean I have never done it, because I have, but it sure makes the morning easier when I don't have to start my day cleaning up from a fellowship, supper, or simply midnight snacks from the night before.
  3. Have your little hands help you! If you do not have children, have your hubby help you! It can be a fun time to wind down or just talk in the midst of drying dishes, sweeping floors, or folding clothes. I am so thankful for willing little helpers. Just last week I had someone ask how I get my kids to do what they do. My reply, "I tell them to!" Silly answer, but I guess I thought it was the most practical one. I don't sit here and bark orders at them, but I have loved teaching them how to take care of the things and home God has given us and them! It is crucial for them to know that our home is theirs too, not just mommy's and daddy's! Andrew takes out the trash, sweeps the floor, vacuums, sprays the windows with Windex, dusts everything he can reach, puts laundry away (all but mommy's and hanging clothes) and much more. Chloe can do most of that list too, but she also has some extra things in the kitchen that she helps mommy with. So, just a thought....they are never too young to help out!!!
  4. Prepare double meals and freeze them! I am so thankful that I have done this especially the last few weeks. We had some unexpected company recently and I had several large meals that I had made ahead of time and thrown in the freezer. It made it nice to just pull it out and have it ready, and it not take time away from visiting.
  5. Run your vacuum once a day! We have to do this about twice a day in our living room at least. With a one-year old on the loose everything tends to go in the mouth even if it is a dead bug or a nasty leaf. 
Well, those are just the top five and I could probably add more later, but I must get all my coupons and lists ready for shopping tomorrow. We are feeding about 20 for Easter and have lots to prepare. May you each have a wonderful weekend celebrating our Savior's Resurrection.