Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where do you shop?

So I was inspired to write a bit on this subject due to a conversation I had with a friend just last weekend! Where do you purchase the bulk of your decorations, furniture, etc? Silly thing, but true, we tend to get a little comfortable in our own little stores that we forget to spread our wings a bit and try to find deals in other places. I know, I am one of those frugal wives and  mommy's and LOVE to shop at Goodwill. May I just say though as a side note, they are becoming ridiculously overpriced! I am all about helping employ those struggling and such, but seriously---they are making at least 90% profit on everything. Despite that, I still regularly run in to check if there is some special treasure that I can throw in my car for as little pennies as possible! I have started finding local churches that do yard sales or clothing closets to give all my "junk" when I am tired of it or we have outgrown it. Just makes me happier when the prices put on my used items can go to another's home for little money. I know you will laugh or think me strange, but the last time I took a car load of items to Goodwill I walked in the back door as they carried my stuff in, including a beautiful kids toy, I specifically talked to the individual pricing things and said, "If you are going to overprice these items, then I am going to take my merchandise somewhere else." I did it very nicely, but I wanted to prove a point. I paid a $1 for one of those toys at a yard sale, and I don't want to walk in next week and see it sitting there for $14.99 when they could have just put $3.99 on it! Sorry, that's just a little bit of venting, I am done now. (o;

Here is my list of places I like to visit and occasionally find something (I do not shop very often, but I can say I at least venture into one store a week and often that's a grocery store):

  1. Goodwill
  2. Target
  3. Craigslist (free section is the best!)
  4. Value Village
  5. Hobby Lobby
  6. Ollies (found my huge baking supply jars that I am in love with)
  7. Michaels
  8. Salvation army or other thrift stores (just do a google search in your area) I try to visit a new one at least once a month....there are dozens of them out there.
  9. Walmart
  10. Indoor Yardsale (sorry, not sure if every place has one and it is definitely hit and miss)
  11. Bargain outlets
  12. U-neek Warehouse
  13. Habitat for Humanity Stores (most cities have one or more of these)
Those are just the top ones where I like to look for treasures but the biggest and most important is YARD SALES!!!!! I long to yard sale and have found many incredible pieces for very small amounts of money. So, all this to say, spread your wings a bit and fly into some new little may just find that priceless thing you've been looking for!