Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My baby turned 1 and I am feeling really old!!!!

Wow! What a week!!! Awards banquet planning and decorating, Awards Banquet,  Birthday party prep, lots of office cleaning, workouts, sick hubby, and the list can go on. Yet through the business, I am continually reminded of my Savior's love for me. What a tremendous amount of hope I have to rest in His hands in the dull and busy times knowing He will give me the strength I need if I am willing to surrender and simply ask Him.
It is so hard to believe that my littlest is 1 already! I remember catering a wedding on her birthday last year, and what an event that was! Lots of memories come with my little chunky Madelynn. We decided to do a ladybug themed party since she isn't quite old enough to pick her own theme, so I attempted to make my version of a ladybug cake. I did lots of praying and we had fun putting it together. Thought pictures could speak louder than words, so enjoy...we certainly did! Have a blessed day...