Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Ever Publix Trip

This was just some of my quick shopping trip I ventured out to do after I "ran" my first 5k Friday night! We do not have a Publix nearby, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I cannot remember the exact total but this and other items would have cost me $135 but I only paid $16! I could not believe it! I had already stuffed some in the freezer before the pic, but thought I'd snap a pic of some of my fun, cheap, but expensive finds! I am not big on already processed foods, but sure makes suppers easy when my hubby is not home and it's just the kiddos and myself. Now that it's warm outside, we get a bit preoccupied with projects and playing to think about dinner. I also hit the jackpot at CVS last week. I had gotten a few rain checks back in January for Doritos and for Pepsi products. Very long story short: I paid $1 a 12-pack and got 12 of them. They then gave me 4 ECBs to take 7 bags of Doritos out of the store for them. Silly, cuz I only out of pocketed $11 for 12 twelve pack of Pepsi products, 7 bags of Doritos, and 2 Suave men's shampoo and conditioner. Plus I have $10 ECBs to use next time! Love my couponing!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Christina Jenkins and Southern Savers for all the help!!!!!

As for decorating this week, just the regular little things here and there. I touched up all of the dents and knicks on all the walls. So, now everything painted has a new bill of health, at least until the next match box car runs into them or my 3 year old blonde's head meets! Silly, how things get some dinged up when you have little ones, but I wouldn't trade them for all the new, beautiful and boring homes where they weren't around. I did happen to move our old kitchen table to the shed and organized a few of Brian's tools giving him some space to maybe even work. Enough said, what little things have you done this week? I know, now that it's sunny outside we want to focus on the outside, but don't forget your home is home on the inside and out! Have a great week if I don't get back on before then!