Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Never a vacation from Savin' our Pennies!

It's funny how my vacation threw a monkey wrench into blogging! But, that's one thing I love about blogging....it's not the end of the world if you take a short break. Well, alas, my break is over for a time and life must get back to normal for our home! Well, as close as normal as you consider me, my friend! We enjoyed a wonderful time with my parents and all my siblings in a big home in the mountains of Tennessee. I mentioned to someone upon returning home that I hit a few yard sales while in the mountains. They laughed and asked, "Really? On vacation?" Well, one can never throw out frugality and saving money and getting great deals is something that keeps me running.

Memorial day was upon us and we really hadn't made any plans to cookout or get-together with anyone, so we figured it would just be a lazy day at home as a family. Brian was able to help a friend from church start re-roofing his house in the morning and I dragged the kids out to do a bit of errands. I thought of stopping at the Goodwill before accomplishing my tasks and almost didn't, but my right blinker went on and I just so "happened" to turn the wheel into the parking lot. I thought it strange that there were a few people lingering outside the doors. When I got closer I saw a 50% sign on the door. That was all it took---grabbed the kids, locked the car, and began praying for some great finds for little money! We stood in line for half an hour with lots of stories to tell from that amount of time. Watched a lady all but beat her child if he moved an inch at all. It was sad! My little ones aren't perfect, but they were soooooo good, for which I was thankful. The lady who typically opens and works at that Goodwill knows me by name and loves my little ones. Funny, how when she spotted me she opened the door I was standing in front of first! Yippee....we were the first to get a cart and first in the store. I bee-lined it for the housewares, because those are the items that typically are worth more and possibly hold something we could use! As I rounded the corner, I spotted it!!! A beautiful, yet simple bookshelf. It had much wider shelves and was in great condition...the price $14.99 which ended up being only $7.49! I specifically prayed for a shelf of some kind to house the girls pretty toy baskets that filled the changing table shelves. I wanted to put the changing table away since Maddie is so big now, but couldn't until I replaced it with something else. The kids each got to pick out 2 books, which was fun since they were on an additional sale of B1G1. I "happened" to be at the video section when an employee brought a huge box full of old Disney Classics out! Got 7 great videos for my kids for only $3.25! Andrew has holes in almost every pair of jeans, and if you are close at all, you've noticed how tall he has gotten! We found him 4 pair of name-brand jeans, 4 dresses for the girls, 6 shirts for me, a gorgeous laundry basket, and lots more. I paid $34 for all of that! The Lord is good to me and I am so not worthy of how He provides.

Well, we went about the scheduled errands and then my brain began to work...hmmm...maybe other Goodwills are doing it too?????? So, we ran to the other Goodwill before returning home to picnic at the lake. Another jackpot was dropped in our laps. Each of the kids got a beautiful, usually expensive toy, and I paid less than $1.99 for them. Got a huge pack of Huggies, unopened diapers for $1.49, couple pair of jeans and 2 collections of I Love Lucy! It was a fun and unexpected shopping day for us.

So, plans for next Memorial Day----Goodwill shopping, because all Goodwills in our area had the sale and plan to do it again next year!!! So, wanna go with me???