Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Walkin' in my shoes

I am busy, this I know, but the Lord has continued to remind me that I am busy in HIS work and to never get weary in well-doing. Seems like through the craziness of times my flesh wants to take over and push the Lord away. I am so thankful for His forgiveness and grace that is sustaining through every given moment! We are leaving for a week long vacation Sunday with my entire immediate family to the hills of Tennessee. I think the excitement in the air is too much to handle! Our little ones have started almost every morning the last few weeks with how many days left til' we leave. We have waited for a year and have done lots of planning, saving, and many excited conversations, so it will be surreal when it is finally here. This is definitely a much needed time for our family and we will soak it all in and pray it doesn't go by too quickly.

I have always had a desire to run or walk a 5k. Never thought it would really happen due to my horrid feet and my nasty asthma, but I accomplished my first this last weekend. My time wasn't the greatest, but it was my first time and I did push a guy in a wheelchair up three large hills. I am looking forward to maybe doing another sometime this summer. I had to show you a picture of the Shape-Ups the Lord completely threw in my lap! What a sweet, comfortable, extra blessing---plus, they only cost me $39.99 instead of $100!

As a final note, weight loss is never an enjoyable journey, but I wanted to publicly praise the Lord for a hubby who has been the best encouragement to me. I have lost 42 pounds and have worked my way down 4 dress sizes. I am not bragging, cuz it wasn't easy and still isn't and I must give the Lord the glory for it, cuz I couldn't have done it without Him. So thankful for a husband that loves me thick or thin!!! Silly it seems, but I know many women whose husband gives ultimatums or threats if they don't lose weight fast.  So, for you out there who are on a weight-loss journey, don't get discouraged. I like to think of one ounce at a time, otherwise it gets overwhelming and indeed frustrating. It will take time and it won't fall off overnight, so stick to it, but don't deprive yourself or you will always go back to the old ways. I love the Weight watcher program, but I have joined a woman's gym, and I believe that has given me the extra boost that my body truly needed.

May you have a blessed rest of the week....I don't think I will be back until after vacation...so see you soon!