Thursday, June 2, 2011

Complaining as you walk through life?

The Lord has really been convicting me about complaining---whether big or small. A quote I came across recently has really put this sin into perspective: 
When I complain,"I'm telling the world that God is a pathetic, disorganized deity who can't seem to get my life straight."

I praise the Lord for my somewhat bubbly personality and Him helping me be positive and excited about most everything, but I hate Satan for trying to stick his nasty foot into an area of my life that truly must shine for Jesus. All areas ought to be that way, but I guess this one seems to be at the center of so many Christians thoughts now, mine included. I often walk away from a conversation and feel depressed due to the amount of complaints given even in just discussing everyday life. It doesn't help when I am contributing just as much of the negative Yes, I know, life is not perfect and there are many things that could be better in our minds, but don't you think God has you where He wants you???? I know He has us right where He wants us, for which I am so blessed and thankful. Lately I have been really anxious and frustrated about Brian being without work for 8 weeks starting in two weeks---no pay. Don't really want to go through that stress again, but it doesn't matter what I want, and I KNOW that God is right here with us and will meet our every need. It would be awesome to see Him get a full-time job with better pay, we would love to be in full-time ministry position, and the list of "would loves" could fill this page and more. I have found myself the last few days begging God to help me be content and willing to proclaim His goodness to me on a daily basis. Just last week I changed 12 stinky diapers in one day from my one diapered princess! I couldn't believe it, but had specifically gone to my Heavenly Father in prayer that morning and begged Him to help me not complain. While changing the 3rd one, He reminded me of many friends and a sweet sister who desperately want a baby of their own, and I began thanking God for each of those nasty diapers. What a blessed gift I have having 3 little ones and I'll take diaper duty any day in order to remind me of that.
What is it with you??? Do you desire a bigger and better home? Do you need more money to pay those bills? Do you want to be skinnier and can't be happy until you are? Are you constantly looking over the fence at what seems to be greener pastures? Why not look at all the wonderful things God has given to you and thank Him for a few of them EVERY time you begin to complain or wish for something better! I pray that we will remember all that GOD has done and given us and be vocal about it in a positive way! Remember, God is an awesome, organized deity who loves to hold your hand along life's journey---Let Him be your mouthpiece!

Just a few of what I am thanking Him for today:

  1. An incredibly amazing husband who loves me for who I am, is willing to confront me in my sin, constantly leads me, comforts me, and is my very best friend
  2. My three little ones who keep me entertained, keep me up at night, makes messes, gives slobbery kisses, and most of all, who keep me on my knees begging for God's mercy and strength to be the kind of parent I need to be
  3. My home---it isn't huge and it isn't perfect, but it is just what we need and He has provided all within it!
  4. Our vehicles. In the last year, He has provided a beautiful blue van and black truck (just 3 weeks ago) that run great and have been a much needed blessing.
  5. My comfortable bed------Love it
  6. The ability to see! I loved sitting on my couch studying His Word this morning while listening and often watching the birds outside the window.
I am so glad I serve a great God who loves me and cares about me soooo much that He holds me in the center of His will! Have a blessed day....and don't complain!